Pawnshop car remains with you

avtozalogovogo lending market there is quite a long time.It is divided between Pawnshop and banks issuing consumer loans.They all have different rates, interest rates and terms of loans.But so far always been one: BANK issued consumer credits on the basis of fairly strict policy of risk management.Loans are approved only the highest quality to customers with good credit history, a job with a high official salary, and the opportunity to confirm this documentary.Pawnshop providing a loan secured by car, in turn, have less stringent criteria for the selection of borrowers.For them, the main, and often the only role played by the legal purity of the car.Therefore Pawnshop may issue loan to almost any borrower, regardless of its creditworthiness.At the same time as insurance against a possible non-repayment of loan is a car that is accepted as collateral, and remains parked Pawnshop for the entire term of the loan.Thus the whole market demand avtozaymov divided between the banking, credit is relatively low, which is to receive the power of no more than 15 percent of the total number of potential customers and Avtolombardnym loan, the interest on which is higher than the bank in 3-5 times, and the prospect of leaving your car in the parking lotPawnshop - not happy.As a result of forming a wide category of clients who are not satisfied with any bank, any Pawnshop.It is the customers do not have a high official salary, with perhaps slightly tainted credit history and therefore is not suitable under the criteria of the banks, but not willing to arrange a loan at high interest rates Pawnshop and leave the car in the parking lot.It is for this category of potential borrowers, more recently, there was a service Pawnshop machine is you.This is the "golden mean" between the conditions of the Bank and Pawnshop.Under this program, loans secured by vehicles accepted customers who have owned the car and have all the necessary documents to prove it.The client may not have official work, credit history can be a bit spoiled, but if a company, make sure that the client is not looking at it really is solvent, he can get the money on the security of the car.Term of consideration of applications of this kind takes no more than one and a half hours.The level of interest rates is in the middle between the banking and Avtolombardnymi.The total cost of such a loan can range from 24 to 60 percent per annum, which in most cases satisfy the existing market demand.But the main highlight of this avtozayma - is the ability to get a loan against the car and leave the car at continuing to use it for the entire term of the loan.Only if the customer ceases to make regular payments on the loan secured by car, Avtozaym may apply sanctions to his car.In this case, the company disbursed loans secured by car, has the right to confiscate the car, followed by its implementation to cover all their costs.And even in such circumstances, the borrower will not be deprived.After all, the proceeds from the sale of the car is usually larger than the sum of the client's debt to the company, and therefore it has the right to receive the remaining after covering debts to avtozaymom amount.So new service Pawnshop - Pawnshop car is you, allows you to get the money on the security of cars almost any car owner, unable to obtain a bank loan, but do not want to leave his "horse" in the parking lot avtolombarda.28.10.2011 author http: //