Sodium acetate

substance whose chemical formula is - CH3COONa - is sodium acetate or sodium acetate.It is also recorded in the international register of food supplements under the part number E-262.

substance is a crystal, shades of colors which can range from pale yellow to deep brown.The domestic environment is also the name of sodium acetate.The substance sodium acetate - nonflammable, security classification assigned to the fourth grade.Sodium acetate explosion-proof and low toxicity, this largely explains its widespread use in industrial production and daily life.

he gets the reaction of NaOH or Na2CO3 with acetic acid or esters of this acid.It produces a substance, usually a solid.In the industrial manufacture of the mass fraction of salt in the anhydrous state is set to normally not less than 50%.The practical use of a substance requires compliance with certain conditions, such as compliance with the temperature limits (ambient temperature should not exceed 5 degrees).

The chemical industry is often necessary to neutralize the corrosive substances and preparations.One such material is sulfuric acid.To neutralize it, and sodium acetate is used, concentrated sulfuric acid is neutralized to form oksosoli Na2SO4, substances drop down during the neutralization reaction to form a white precipitate.These reactions prevent the threat of poisoning and burns in case of leakage of sulfuric acid.

As already noted, the substance is widely used in various fields.In the textile industry its use is based precisely on the ability to neutralize the waste residue of sulfuric acid emissions of enterprises, as well as in the production of various dyes aniline group (used as a photoresist - a light-sensitive coating).In the production of synthetic rubber the use of sodium acetate based on its ability to slow down during the vulcanization.

In the food industry, sodium acetate is used as a preservative.

Technical sodium acetate is widely used as an additive to antimoroznoy different brands of concrete, which are used in the construction of monolithic concrete structures and carrying out other building operations associated with the sealing and strengthening of structures at low temperatures.This ability is due to the use of substances prevent freezing of concrete mixes in almost all cycles of building technologies - transportation, preservation of buildings, masonry and others.In particular, sodium acetate contributes settable mixtures at low temperatures, without lowering their quality and without complicating the process for their preparation.Its use significantly reduces the corrosive process in the JBK and increases the strength of concrete.

common to use sodium acetate in pharmacy as a component for the manufacture of diuretics, as well as for alkalization of the organism when hyponatremia and metabolic acidosis.

Get this substance can be in the home.How to make sodium acetate at home?It is not difficult.Take 1 kg of ordinary baking soda and 1 liter of vinegar.Then, very slowly mix them in a glass container, the process to produce until the hissing stops.You will appear at the bottom of the vessel monolithic crystalline sodium acetate.Then it must be heated to completely melt and remove the precipitate by filtration.Obtained in pure form the molten glass should be cooled to room temperature before packaging.You have received the substance in liquid form, to give it a solid form is very simple - it is necessary in this liquid just add a small crystal of the same sodium acetate.Thus, one can conduct multiple re-saving material, depending on whether it is necessary aggregate state.