How is the sacrament of baptism, baby

The Orthodox doctrine there is a special ritual - infant baptism, in which the child away from a life of sin ("dies"), and revived by the Holy Spirit in the spiritual world of light.This practice is done only once, because the birth can not be repeated.Many people do not realize the seriousness of it, make in order not to be different from others.Let's see what this ritual as it happens and how to prepare for it.

Why do I need to be baptized

sacrament of infant baptism frees from sin grandparent, that is from the guilt of Adam and Eve violated the prohibition of God, succumbed to the temptation of the Devil eat the forbidden apple.Thus, a person becomes a member of the Temple and can receive help in prayer.It appears the desire to live not for ourselves but for God and other people.Becoming a Christian is to keep the commandments of the Lord.The main thing in the Sacrament the believer is born for eternity, that is, after death goes to heaven.

Preparation for the sacrament of baptism, baby

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The first step is to determine who will be the godparents.If only fit one person, then it is permissible.In an extreme case, if the right people there, the ministers of the Church is carried out without any ritual processions.Selected must believe in God and go to church, especially before baptism.They need to pray, confess and take communion, to know the Creed.

To perform this solemn baptismal need custom kit that you can buy in the church.It includes a white shirt (can be embroidered) and cross.Buy also be a towel or a sheet to wrap the baby after bathing.

How is the sacrament of baptism child

conduct this celebration possible, and immediately after birth.However, many mothers would like to attend the festival, but they are not allowed to enter the temple for 40 days.After that, they can attend church.

sacrament of baptism baby begins as follows: lit three candles, and the priest reads the prayer and avoids temple.At this time, the cross holding child in her arms wrapped in a conventional diaper or blanket.After reading the recipients are asked to turn toward the west, as symbolically there is Satan.The priest will make reference to the cross on which they have sincerely and confidently to respond instead of the child.First, he asked, "do you renounce Satan, his pride and of his service?".Answer: "surrender."Then he says, "Dun and spit on him."This action is considered to be a true contempt of the devil.Then he asks to turn to the east and asked: "Do you combine the Christ?" To which the answer should be: "to combine".This means that the godparents give a word of God for the faithfulness to God baby.Then godfather recite a prayer learned by heart Creed.Then the priest reads the prayer request, consecrating oil, and the water in which to bathe the child.Then the baby anoints with holy oil, and then takes it, cross, swim, speaking a prayer language.

now out of the hands of the priest child transferred to one of the godparents in diaper with lace (baptismal kryzhmu).It needs to wipe the moisture, then put on a shirt and a baptismal cross.After that passes the sacrament of Confirmation, the priest anoints the child where the Holy world, makes vows, while reading the prayer.Ends baby baptism blessing to leave the church with the need to kiss the cross.