Winter Carnival in Quebec

Quebec Winter Carnival is the largest winter festival in the world.Holiday loved by tourists, because here you can have fun with all the heart, to actively spend time in the fresh, frosty air, and enjoy the beauty of the festively illuminated city.In 2013, Carnival will take place from 01.02 at 17.02.

Local craftsmen adorn the streets of snow and ice sculptures so that on sunny days the city shines with blinding sunlight, and in the evenings is poured through a specially installed lighting.Fantasy snow sculptors to create unique images of the most intricate shapes and sizes.Many artists come annually to Quebec in order to participate in the international competition of ice and snow sculptures.

official symbol of the holiday - a snowman - at the beginning of the festival receives from the key measure of the provincial capital.His rabid belt and red cap - a tribute to the tradition of clothes Quebec farmers of past centuries.The opening day of the festival are performances by famous Quebec artists.A traditional night Big catwalk parade, which moved many of the original designed mobile platform runs on Saturday.Traditionally at the beginning of the festival at the parliament building is being built an ice palace, which is so fond of visitors.And of course concerts and veyerverki.

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festival program rich and consists of a variety of exciting activities: cross-country skiing and the slopes of the mountains, ice fishing, dog sled race along the main street, racing boats, kayaks and canoes (of course in the snow), Competition ice sculptures, building fortressesice.Anyone can ride on a dog sled to dance with snowmen, take part in the football tournament in the snow, race around on the old snow-cats, sled, bagel and, generally, on the whole, that the rolls - or just plunge into a snow bath.And this is not a complete list of events!Each year the organizers of the recall: warm clothes - the guarantee of health and fun in this winter holiday.

At the carnival, and you can eat well: lots of cafes and restaurants are ready to serve the many guests of the festival.Spectators and participants of the carnival like warming drinks under the name Caribou.Its composition is impressive - brandy, vodka, sherry and port.From the food, the most popular diet is the first Canadian settlers: pea soup with ham, spicy pork with beans, beef pies, pie with maple syrup.

Another traditional symbol of celebration are Trumpet - long red tube sold everywhere, who are happy to dudyat both adults and children.

first winter festival was held in Quebec City in 1894.For a long time he was not a regular, but in 1955 became an official annual event.Now the festival is visited by about one million visitors.

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