Dmitry Belkin (Orekhovskaya OPG): biography, photos, judgment and punishment

One of the most elusive Russian gangsters was caught and sentenced in 2013.Belkin Dmitry K., Protein, as it was called in the narrow criminal circles, terrorized Russia since 1990, always leaving unscathed.This article talks about take-off and fall of this brutal thug.

Dmitry Belkin, "early career»

In the early 1990s, in Moscow and in the vicinity there were three main organized crime groups, "Odintsovo", "Orekhov" and "Galyanovskie."

Orekhovskaya group, led at the time by Sergey Timofeev with the bandit nickname Sylvester, was in a state of war with Galyanovskoy group.Odintsovskaya band was created by Dmitry Belkin.It consisted of his close friends, joined them retirees military special forces, among them Oleg Pronin, known in the criminal world of loud, nicknamed Al Capone.

Odintsovo was fertile ground for robbery and extortion than successfully engaged Dmitry Belkin.The protein, whose biography is still a child dazzled by articles of the criminal code, the area is not chosen by chance.In the early nineties was considered an elite Odintsovo district of Moscow that housed the cereal institutions and recreational areas, the owners of which were in a state of semi-legal, but because they were vulnerable to such as Belkin.But he was not going to stay in the role of an ordinary reketirov extortion entire life.Noticing confrontation Orekhovskaya Galyanovskih and decided to use the conflict for their own selfish purposes, namely, to advance in the Moscow criminal ladder.

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Combining with Orekhovskaya

Belkin thinking about how to support one of the factions, thereby enlist their support in the future and may even lead it under its modest start.Of the two gangs protein is selected Orekhov.In principle, the choice of the leader of the Odintsovo is not surprising, since its leader, Sylvester, in fact, at the time got what he wanted so much to Dmitry Belkin.

protein biography which speaks in favor of his intellect, knew Orekhovskaya group is one of the oldest in Russia.She began acting in the early 1980s, with the advent of the first cooperatives.Then Sergey Timofeyev robbing private drivers at railway stations, extorted money from small traders.In the late 80's Sylvester was condemned for a short time for extortion, along with then-leader Mikhailov, in his time who joined this group with the Solntsevo.

Sylvester learned well all the lessons and Mikhailov was released not "pheasant" and hardened gangster, once engaged in the union in scattered by that time Orekhovskaya gang.In 1991, the newly nailed Timofeev Orekhovskaya group again terrifies the Moscow businessmen.But on their way to conquer the influence and control of the gang got Galyanovskaya not much inferior Orekhovskaya his strength.

then it appears on the scene and swift Belkin offering Sylvester its possible assistance, which Timofeev takes.Teaming up with the Odintsovo, Orekhovskaya group wins the confrontation with Galyanovskimi completely displacing them from their positions.

Recognition Timofeev authority

Orekhovskaya grouping different special unscrupulousness.For them, there was not a thieves' law or other rules of conduct of the criminal world, they committed robberies, robberies, murders, and their main occupation - reket - at any time of day or night.

After strengthening their positions Brigade Orekhovskaya completely lost his grip on reality.In 1993, they made quite a daring crime as a matter of law and the rules of the criminal world.They killed not recognize their supremacy in the criminal world kingpin Victor Kogan nicknamed Monya.Monya was the director of the company "Argus", which was engaged in gambling.

Vorvashis to Kogan, the bandits shot a lawyer, and did it with extreme cruelty, shot him at point blank range already lying on the ground, and then smashed bits all gambling hall, began to rob passers passing by.Performers managed to hold law enforcement agencies, but only managed to convict them of hooliganism, because direct evidence of the murder of police officers at the Moni was not.

Lawlessness Orekhovskaya disturb not only the police but also the underworld, so Sylvester had to restore order in their ranks.By the end of 1993, he managed to achieve recognition of its authority among all the teams, and then the Southern District of Moscow has ceased to be the most criminogenic region of the city.But Moscow has calmed down for a while.

Rise and Fall Sylvester

Timofeev has not rested on its laurels, it was not enough to lead the largest criminal groups for the Southern District of Moscow, he wanted to be the main authority of the city.To this end, Sylvester went to the US, where, according to the narrow criminal circles, the successor to the famous Jap Vyacheslav Ivankov (a visit to which, and went Timofeev) gave him the nod to the management of the entire city.

Perhaps this trip was a fatal mistake Sylvester.At the time, though Orekhovskaya group was the largest, but had an unprecedented influence in the entire city.In defending its interests, representatives of competing factions began to fear for their zone of influence.

Returning from America, Sylvester was shot dead in his car "Mercedes".Who ordered the killing of Sylvester is not known so far.After all, by and large, it could be done by anyone - from Timofeyev had enemies galore.And among their team leaders were, did not like the leader.

Development cold and unprecedented tactics Belkin

Dmitry Belkin (Orekhovskaya OPG has always been under his scrutiny) followed the career of the authority of Sylvester.It is even conceivable that he admired.And the mistakes Timofeev Belkin learned that helped him to reach the heights of his future in the criminal world.Looking at the case of Sylvester Dmitry Belkin (Orekhov bandits then he has not obeyed) realized that you can not trust anyone, and the only way to stay afloat - physically remove all of their rivals and enemies.

After the death of Sylvester Belkin quickly with other Odintsovo, taking advantage of confusion and vacillation among Orekhov, to start a war with each other for the crown group, began to remove all the competition the former single Orekhovskaya OPG.After seeing the results, which reached Dmitry Belkin, Orekhov, whose team suffered from lawlessness, began to join the Odintsovo.Soon Belkin was restored Orekhovskaya OPG has under its clear leadership.

reliable method

own strength Belkin Orekhovskaya OPG at which began to control 75% of the total business of the city, managed to become the most powerful gangster in Moscow.And all this was possible thanks to the Squirrel full unprincipled tactics and tricks.An approximation killer Belkin Lesch soldier made several high-profile murders recalcitrant businessmen, while maintaining complete secrecy using their past spetsnaz skills.Soldier pretended asocial element bomzhёm or alcoholic slonyavschimsya near the habitat of the victim.Seizing the moment, no one has yet seen the killer killed unsuspecting victim.

growing influence of organized crime groups Orekhovskaya

Such actions Dmitry Belkin (Orekhovskaya OPG was already under its full control) to force others to fear and respect yourself.In the words of the killer Orekhov, Leschi Soldier, it is not always necessary to kill a man, to take the business, he just came to his home with a bottle of wine and a cake (or other sweets).Business owner knew the purpose of the visit Soldier, but saw that the killer had given him a chance to escape the violence.As a rule, as a result of this visit, the businessman voluntarily gave their business, while maintaining a life for themselves and their loved ones.Taking away business from influential entrepreneurs of Moscow, received a myriad protein profits and getting leverage, not only in the city but in the entire country and abroad, which allowed him to remain so long neosuzhdёnnym and manage his criminal gang.Orekhovskaya OPG today still has weight in the Russian criminal.

with the rebels and dissenters in their ranks Belkin understood openly with all his companions, his hands the most approximate to the victim.For these purposes, Belkin arranged collection of his gang somewhere in a remote location away from prying eyes, under the pretext of cultural recreation.But members Orekhovskaya OPG understood perfectly why they are collected.Then the protein was read the name of the unwanted and ordered most of his fellow gang members to kill him.This style of violence was characteristic of the Italian mafia 30s.Apparently, the protein was well aware of their strategy.Thus the leader had the opportunity to personally make sure that the inner circle of the traitor remains loyal to him.

Belkin suspect investigation

In 1998, law enforcement agencies managed to find a hook to attract Dmitry Belkin prosecuted.The investigator Yuri Kerez managed to interview one of the captured killer gang Belka, who passed their leader.When Belkin Kerez called in for questioning, arrogant thug was an investigator with the bag, which was lying one million US dollars.Protein that money, which was Orekhovskaya OPG intends to continue to pursue their criminal activities, wanted to buy his freedom, as well as get the infamous traitor.

But Kerez proved incorruptible.Then Belkin hired killers to eliminate it.Despite the experience of the investigator, the investigator could not see the killer, pretending to be drunk next bomzhёm, and he was shot dead outside his home.Himself the same protein managed to escape and get out of Russia.Squirrel and his chief assistant Al Capone, hunted for 12 years, during which Belkin (OPG Orekhovskaya thus continued to operate successfully) lived happily ever abroad under fictitious foreign names.And what is most interesting is safely guided his criminal structures in Russia due to connected.

Detention Belkin

One of these connected and led a task force on the trail of proteins that wanted to arrest in Paris, where he came to discuss business.But the arrest did not take place because, sensing something was wrong, protein escaped.

Yet in 2012, his country estate was detained Dmitry Belkin.The protein, which shows a photo of his absolute confidence in their impunity was deeply surprised by his arrest, but remained calm as he was sure that pay off.After lengthy negotiations with the Kingdom of Spain Dmitry Belkin, Orekhov connected which have also been detained, was extradited to Russia.

Court and sentence

Upon arrival in Russia Belkin taken into custody and began to prepare for the high-profile court hearings.Everyone understands that the trial of Dmitry Belkin will not be easy, because proteins may be due in Moscow and throughout Russia at any level.Therefore, it was important to enlist the support of these impartial jurors.

To the surprise of the investigation, the jury, which offered to take part in this business, one after another began to refuse to participate in, and pondered them from office.The investigators did not consider that the proteins have been much easier to intimidate simple and disinterested jury than to try to bribe them.Only the sixth attempt managed to collect 12 jurors.

trial of Dmitry Belkin admitted gunman and his companion Pronin guilty of a series of crimes, including 22 premeditated murder attempt on a police officer, extortion and other acts of the jurisdiction.The jury was unanimous verdict - life imprisonment.

be continued? ..

But the conclusion Squirrel and Al Capone did not stop the activities of organized crime groups Orekhov.Three days later, the victim was killed by a lawyer.Apparently, proteins manage to control his gang from prison.Of course, Orekhovskaya OPG today is not such a powerful criminal structures as before, but its influence still remains significant in Moscow and its environs.