The main functions of the psyche of modern man

In the field of medicine and health preservation of modern man plays an important role of psycho-emotional component, the care of which incur such sciences as psychology and psychiatry.If before the last task is the treatment of various abnormalities in this environment, the first science studies have directly causes the origin of disease, as well as features of human behavior, his mental and emotional components, actions and desires.

Many studies on the subject suggest that the basic functions of the human psyche has long been studied and classified, so that the students of specialized universities successfully studying this subject.However, despite the fact that people over the past two thousand years, constantly evolving and followed the path of technological and cultural progress, the pace of his life was more or less the same, allowing the person to successfully adapt to the changing conditions of life and the adoption of new phenomena and concepts.As for the modern world and way of life, the rapid pace of the accelerated development of the society on the one hand, as well as revolutionary breakthroughs in the field of science and technology on the other so quickly change our world, that the main function of the psyche of civilized man is not always executed at the right level.As a result, we can see a picture of the fact that many older people who grew up in completely different conditions and are accustomed to a more measured pace of life, just do not have time to adapt to the new.This creates a number of problems, which today has almost become global, and perhaps in the near future will be submitted to the Board of the World Health Organisation.

So, what are the main features of the human psyche and what is their primary goal?

  1. Protection.Each person from birth laid the instinct for survival, because only this has allowed it to survive in the extreme conditions of the primitive communal system.And it's not just about the physical, but also the psychological and emotional factors.The psyche of each person is set up in such a way to smooth out the unpleasant moments, protecting, thus, mental health from the negative emotions of resentment, anger, anger, and so on.
  2. Behavioral (adaptation).All we know that each of us for the normal and harmonious development of society is necessary as it is to grow mentally healthy and versatile person is almost impossible.The key to the development and education is communication, causing a person receives not only useful knowledge, but also makes your brain think and analyze various situations.In addition, due to the observation and the desire to join the team, people unconsciously copy the model behavior of individuals and thus adapted to the new conditions of coexistence.
  3. Thinking.It is an important component of the human psyche, because of it, he was able to rise above the animal world and become a key figure in the historical development of our planet.The main functions of the mind necessarily include the reasoning and conclusions that allow to accumulate experiences and continue on the path of their own intellectual development.
  4. unconscious.Despite a number of discoveries in this area, as well as the works of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, many of the phenomena of the unconscious are still not up to the end of the explained by modern science.Thanks to globalization, the main functions of the psyche is not only human, but also society as a whole, allowed to collect information on this area from all over the world, and a modern information base includes a huge number of different phenomena.In a separate category should be made, such as the mysterious phenomena of the human psyche as mind-reading at a distance, intuition, levitation (flying), and so on.

Summing up, it should be noted that the main function of the human mind over the past thousands of years have been changed slightly, however, modern living conditions, a fast pace of work and the eternal rush lead to mental overload.It must be borne in mind and to avoid excessive pressure on their own body.It is therefore always useful to refer to the psychologists, that time will be able to give the man some good advice and help in a difficult situation.