Treason wife in Islam Yesterday and Today

Muslim religion and culture is completely different, for example, from the Christian or Buddhist.The same applies to family relations.Modern European man against Muslim men to his wife, and a woman at all, it may seem naidichayshim.But is it really?It is possible that the wife in Islam has certain limitations of rights, along with a man who has always considered the head of the family.However, if we look at the statistics, we can see that adultery and divorce among the faithful Muslims are extremely rare, homelessness in the Sharia is very low, not to mention the interruption of pregnancy, are banned by law.The reason is undoubtedly following the ancient traditions of their ancestors and strict adherence to the established prohibitions.

role of women in Islam and his wife remained unchanged for centuries.Its main responsibilities include the birth and upbringing of offspring, housekeeping, management acquired property of the spouse.A Muslim woman is obliged to honor his spouse and respectful to his next of kin.It should also be noted that such a thing as a "betrayal of the woman" in Islam is extremely rare and not because of the severe punishment that could follow her.Girls in Muslim countries are preparing to marry at an early age, they are brought up in accordance with the religious traditions of their ancestors, which exclude the possibility of adultery.

Treason in Islam implies any sexual relations are not in its moment of legally married people.According to the Koran, adultery is nothing else than the greatest mortal sin, retribution for that comes immediately.Treason wife in Islam is extremely rare.In some Muslim countries for a similar crime for centuries sanctioned by capital punishment - the death penalty or a public beating.Modern Muslim women wish their husbands change occurs infrequently.

Usually fact adultery is considered in the presence of a lawyer, as well as four strangers who have an impeccable reputation in the community.The man who committed treason (adultery), shall be punished - beaten with whips - but only if the full evidence of his guilt.If for any reason the witnesses differ, they may also be subjected to lashes for perjury and defamation women.

In accordance with religion, cheating wife in Islam - a great sin, providing for severe punishment.However, Islam does not allow vigilante justice, that is, to learn about infidelity wives husband has no right to punish its own.In that case, if the man would approve of treason wife, but will not be able to provide evidence of such a crime, he will be punished (80 lashes).In some Muslim countries, laws permit the death penalty lovers even if they are voluntary recognition of an act of adultery.In some regions, the death penalty is imposed for sexual relations unmarried women, although the act does not apply to, and treason.

Today, as thousands of years ago, cheating wife in Islam involves the introduction of a married woman to have any sexual relations with a foreign man.Sentencing of guilt or her innocence woman preceded the survey process, necessarily imply the presence of a judge (Mufti, Imam).In the absence of witnesses and the inability to prove the adultery committed by the wife makes a decision about divorce.Since the dissolution of the marriage a man stops the contents of the former spouse.Today there is a lot of supporters of such divorce proceedings, recommending Muslim couples, suspecting each other of infidelity, but are unable to prove the crime to resolve the conflict prevailing in this peacefully.