As customs clearance cars?

Customs clearance vehicle - a procedure that is performed when the carriage completely any machine across the border.Many are willing to buy high-quality "iron horse" for a good price.That is why today the customs clearance of the car is quite popular service.

Residents of Russia often make buying cars abroad.This is due to the fact that cars are much cheaper than similar brand in our country.Especially, if the vehicle is to run.When planning the cost of buying the car, you need to consider the fact that it will have to clear them through customs.But for this we need additional funds.

First of all you need to know exactly how to clear of cars.The cost of this process depends on the cost of the machine, as well as the year of production, the volume of the engine manufacturer, and country environmental class.For individuals and legal entities have different methods of calculation.For clients the cost of customs clearance will be much more expensive.

How much does customs clearance cars exclusively for individuals depends, of course, from the year of its release.According to this principle tariffs are divided into prices for cars of up to 3 years, then - 3-5 and more - 5 years.In the first case (if the car up to 3 years), the value duty varies in the range of 3-20 euros per 1 cu.see the engine on the car 3-5 years - the average is 1,5-3,6 euro.Customs cleared machine, which more than 5 years, will certainly be an expensive pleasure.Price comes to 5.7 euros per cubic engine.

sure before customs clearance cars, you need to know the price list for this service.Thus, the formulation of the new machine, which is brought from abroad, is 1 euro per 1 cu.centimeter of engine capacity.If you need customs clearance of cargo or any commercial vehicle, besides the release, its carrying capacity is taken into account.

When importing machines from a foreign country you need to find out how to clear of cheaper cars.Every year the government increases taxes on cars purchased abroad, thus trying to support domestic production.Therefore, information on how to clear of the machine for less, do not put on public display.You can save on customs clearance, if the engine has a volume of purchased cars up to two liters, or if the vehicle after the accident.

Car owners in most cases trust clearance vehicle to intermediary organizations that are thoroughly versed in the matter, as the customs clearance cars, in some instances to address, what procedures need to go.This allows the owner of the car not to be distracted from the normal routine of life.It remains only to wait until customs broker will take all the necessary operations.However, it should be very careful in choosing the company that will deal with the process of customs clearance of cars.If you bought a car abroad and want to use the services of a broker, follow these instructions:

- Be sure to conclude treaties.It identifies all the nuances of how customs clearance cars, as well as tariffs, which are also important.Customs broker finds the best option of registration of the car when it receives information about this car and its age.

- It is necessary to closely monitor the amount to pay.Very often scammers indicate a small price for their services, but additional amount split across sheets.So it turns out that you are just giving their money scams.

- Check the customs broker, you can: Ask the company for customs clearance two cars.A specialist in the field of design knows that, in accordance with the law, on one owner per year can be issued only one car.

Services broker can help you avoid nasty bugs and keep personal time.Recommend a good intermediary company can friends and acquaintances.