Lymph nodes are: location

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There is a lot of, the location of which the common man is not known.These include the lymph nodes.Location data entities subject to certain laws, which is directly linked to the functions to be performed.They play a significant role in normal healthy functioning of the body.When ingested pathogenic bacteria and viruses, they are increasing, thus preventing the danger.There are painful sensations that correspond to the affected area.Under normal conditions they do not manifest themselves.

There are three main groups of lymph nodes: inguinal, axillary and neck.They are responsible for the organs that are close to them.Thus, it is possible to locate the abnormal focus in the body.

Lymph nodes in the neck.

location of these structures is easy to identify the subject of inflammatory reactions.Examples include mumps - an inflammation of the parotid glands, in which under the skin on the back of the neck, under the jaw and behind the ears are determined dense thickening, at pressing on which there are characteristic pain.The pain may provoke a sharp turn of the head and swallowing.Nodes take the form of beads, they are mobile.

In the normal state can be felt as the lymph nodes.The location of these entities is subject to a certain law: they are grouped around the vital organs, their ducts.When probing the lower jaw and the side and rear surfaces are defined soft spherical formation.

Lymph nodes in the groin

groin lymph nodes is fairly easy to identify even with nevospalёnnom condition.By size, they are similar to peas.The main location of such entities: pubic area (on the sides and top of the pubic bone).In fact, the lymph nodes are located in an area between the groin and leg.

When inflammation is very easy to define these lymph nodes.Their arrangement is determined by visual inspection (they look like large peas), pressing on these structures causes unpleasant pain.They are clearly visible when walking.

Inflammation data structures shows sexually transmitted diseases, diseases of the genital organs, kidney and urogenital system.Treatment of these diseases will be successful in the early detection of inflammation of the lymph nodes in the area.Every woman needs to know, where are these formations as untimely diagnosed inflammation will lead to the development of complications, especially important during pregnancy.

axillary lymph nodes

the side of the breast and lymph nodes under the armpit are, the location of which corresponds to the location of the vital organs of the chest: the heart, lungs.There are three groups of data structures:

- nodes that are on the small muscles of the chest

- nodes that are under the small muscles of the chest

- nodes that are on the side of the small muscles of the chest

When inflammation they reach a size of up to three centimeters.Therefore, the lymph nodes are easily determined at a palpation and visual.

Inflammation data structures indicates disease of the breast, respiratory system, as well as the development of cancer.

At present, created a lot of cards, where the lymph nodes are represented on the body.The location of these entities corresponds to the location of the vital organs.Lymph nodes are part of a system that protects the body against infectious and viral factors.Its center and the main point is the thymus gland, which regulates the operation of all the lymph nodes and produces cells that provide human immunity.