How to draw a watermelon, so it was like a real

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How to draw a watermelon, the well-known melons?Characteristic features of this huge berries can be divided into several categories: the shape, pattern, color and size.The origin of watermelon is associated with South Africa, from there it has spread throughout the world.Fruit and today is grown in Africa, but only in the wild.In Europe, where the melon was only in the 15th century, we had a selection, resulting fruits are more juicy and sweet.In Russia, there was a treat at the dinner table in sufficient quantities only in the early 19th century.

How to draw a watermelon to figure comprises all external signs of it was true?First you need to choose the form in which the fetus appear in the image.The watermelon is round, oblong or pear-shaped.In Japan it is grown in the form of a cube, but it is rather a design course, which has no sense from a culinary point of view.

How to draw a pencil watermelon

way to create an image on a paper set.But in any case, you need to stock up on materials and tools.To figure fit a standard sheet of white paper, A4 and pencil type "Design TM", with which it will be possible to shape.Sharpening the lead should be done not too acute to strokes obtained soft and smooth.

How to draw a watermelon stages

pattern may consist of several stages.First of all you should define the external borders of the object, draw a circle with a small offset to match the contour of the natural form of the watermelon, t. E. Has been in the form of irregular circle.The next step should be to spend a few lines, a sort of "meridians", which will connect the top and bottom of the circle.Along these lines pass characteristic green stripes, which are the main feature of watermelon.The edges of each toothed strokes drawn line and the strip itself must necessarily taper at the top and bottom.At the top, draw a "tail", it is usually in the form of a curved stem dark green or brown.Next to the watermelon can be drawn cut a slice.

Coloring picture

How to draw a watermelon, so it looked like a real one?It's easy - you need to paint the picture.This can be done with colored pencils or watercolors.Background surface of the watermelon should be light yellow-green hue.Strips better to draw a dark green color.It should be remembered that it was the band on watermelon rinds are the main "decoration" of the fetus, and they need to be shown very carefully.Particular attention should be paid to the teeth on edge strips.

Good design should be diverse on Scene content.The most interesting picture is obtained if we draw a sliced ​​watermelon.In this case, "Still Life" will consist of the most slices of watermelon and a beautiful red with black seeds.In this embodiment, your drawing will become a classic image, and the question of how to draw a watermelon, will be resolved in the best possible way.

leaves and stem

For more convincing can pririsovat stem and a few leaves, which naturally complement the picture.Obligatory attribute of melons, watermelons and including a picture thin curly tendrils extending from the main stem, which the plant clings to all that is next to him on the field.It can be rocks, driftwood, neighboring plants.When the image of leaves, stems and tendrils need to remember that they are also green, as does a watermelon, but lighter.Subject to compliance with the color you get a nice picture.