Flanged plugs: scope and design features

Plugs Flange - structural elements, primarily intended for covering all kinds of terminal holes of piping systems and highways.They are also often used to seal the branches, in which no longer any need.Flanged plugs are the main structural element to ensure the safety and reliability of operation of pipeline routes of any type.

At the moment, there are many variations and modifications of the end parts, each of which differ form, material, mounting method and design features.Flanged plugs are usually installed on the desired output line pipe with threaded connections.The main feature of these products is that directly in the central part of the housing does not have any openings.

Flanges for pipes in their constructional structure, not much different from similar products used in other industrial and commercial areas.Plugs of this type are produced mostly by hot stamping, or by cutting from a single sheet of steel alloys.This technological approach leads to the absence of any of the compounds or moving parts, which only adds to product reliability, durability and safety.

flanged caps are most often used in the pipework chemical, gas and oil industries, as well as other lines of high environmental hazard.These parts are made in compliance with all technological standards and properly installed, designed for pressures from 6 to 160 kg / cm2.But in practice, they are able to survive and more, as manufacturers laid in them a certain reserve and a margin of safety.

As for the temperature range and climatic conditions, the stub steel of this type demonstrates excellent functionality and durability in the range of minus seventy to plus six degrees Celsius, as well as in conditions of high humidity, or, conversely, very dryair.Depending on the structural features and the type of sealing compounds are four varieties of these products: with a projection, depression, spike and oval piping.

These plugs have an extremely high resistance to the ravages of various chemically aggressive environments.It is therefore intended primarily for use in extreme conditions of toxic chemicals.With them it is possible to carry out short-term or permanent preservation flows in the end zones pipework and to be sure of the safety line at any reason decommissioned.Also, it is advisable to use these products for the production of all kinds of tanks and reservoirs industrial scale and purpose.