Parts of the brain: the specialization of each

Departments of the human brain - constitute a "team."What is important is the contribution of each party to the game, otherwise it will not turn teamwork - and we can not be ourselves.This happens when a person receives a brain injury.That's what researchers and established the function of various parts of the brain - on observations of patients neurologists.Although the brain is very plastic organ damaged areas can restore its function by other departments.

So, what components of our brain is divided?What are the main parts of the brain?Western scholars have identified diamond-shaped brain, the limbic system and the neocortex.Let's examine these departments.


This is the most ancient area of ​​the brain, it is still called the reptilian brain.That is, it is common for most evolutionarily advanced species.He is responsible for the most basic functions of the human body.Hindbrain comprises the medulla oblongata, pons and cerebellum.What do they do in the body?This is discussed further.

medulla oblongata engaged automatic functions of your body, there are centers of respiration, digestion and regulate heartbeats.Therefore, if this part of the brain is injured, a man almost impossible to save.

Bridge determines the level of our vitality and productivity, as it passes above the sensory impressions to the brain.The state of this part of the brain depends on our performance.

cerebellum has traditionally been considered the main body that coordinates the movements and motor memory.

limbic system

This part of the brain called the emotional brain or ancient mammalian brain.It is home to our senses, then begins the memory.In this part of the brain memory and emotion are combined, affecting our behavior and everyday decision-making emotive.Here are born value judgments.This part of the brain decides what is significant and what is not: there is a filtration media.Included in her brain regions responsible for the spontaneity and creativity.

The amygdala is responsible for the accumulation of emotional information.A particularly important part in the formation of its emotion of fear.Commands disposed of stress hormones, makes sweat our hands and heart - to shrink more and more.

hippocampus of memory and a little training in general.It prepares information for transmission in long-term memory, helps us to understand the spatial relationships and interpret the signals coming from the senses.

hypothalamus - endocrine brain is closely related to the pituitary gland.It is engaged in circadian rhythms (responsible for the desire to sleep late and wakes us up the next day), maintain a constant environment of the body, controls the desire to eat, maintaining fluid balance.

thalamus - point of gathering information from all underlying structures, including the state of the body and the different sensations.


This is the most perfect form in the brain, the most evolutionarily new.It is called the rational mind of the extreme importance to the intellectual functions of man.The cerebral cortex (neocortex) is divided into two hemispheres.They control the opposite side of the body.Each emit different functions.

frontal lobe - greatest "boss" of the brain.It does not allow a person to be impulsive, inhibits desire, responsible for analysis and planning, people with impairments as it changes such complex behaviors as a sense of humor.Without the normal function of the proportion of altruism and empathy possible.

parietal lobe - center, which allows us to process sensations from the skin and internal organs, including pain.It also helps to calculate the speed of the objects involved in learning and spatial orientation.

temporal lobe handles sound perception.There is Wernicke's area, which allows us to recognize it.

occipital lobe receives and processes visual information, is involved in some forms of spatial thinking.

corpus callosum connects the two hemispheres together.

As you can see parts of the brain are closely related, and perform a variety of functions, but they are necessary in order to enable us to carry out our usual activities.Have fun learning!