Xenia of St. Petersburg Prayer of marriage, the work of well-being, the conception

agree that we are all a little trust in the Lord, especially when things roll yield.But how to talk to him, What shall I ask - do not know, we lost.But all have been already invented, and even described.Take for example, prayer Xenia of Petersburg.This good saint taught ordinary people sincerity and hope.Let's take a closer look at this issue.Did you realize that prayer Xenia of Petersburg found a lively response in the soul.So, you get your own "tool" for the resolution of complex problems.

Who is Xenia of Petersburg?

Only absolutely already desperate people looking for support in a vacuum.Others wishing to understand who to contact.This is quite normal in terms of psychology.You do not go for advice in the fog.Always looking for a reputable person.The same thing happens to the brain when a person wants to gain the support of the saints.Read Xenia of St. Petersburg Prayer is much nicer and easier if thoughts create her image.By the way, the holy reliably known very little.She lived, as you know, in St. Petersburg.She was married and very happy.Only her betrothed died.This woman could not move.She gave up the property and put on the husband's uniform and so was the walk among the people.She acknowledged holy fool.At first, even mocked.Only then we noticed that Xenia has an extraordinary gift.What say you, then be sure to be fulfilled.But not all the good fortune to get her advice.And to whom she was gracious, that happiness is found.After the death of holy fool the people were saying prayers Xenia of Petersburg - is unprecedented help in adversity.And so it happened.Who has sorrow, he went to her grave with their requests.Kolya saw the holy kindness in his heart, so definitely blessed.

as requested Xenia of Petersburg

People often get lost in a very simple question.Entrance to the temple of the soul, where there was talk with the Lord, it seems difficult, almost impossible.Accustomed to obey the rules created artificially, and that can not be inward without "instructions" look.It seems to them that the prayer of the saint Xenia of St. Petersburg should be composed of special magical words.How else?Is help?That is why it was decided earlier to study biographies of saints.To understand the appeal to any of them - it is a conversation with God.And usually there is only one: sincerity, multiplied by the boundless confidence.From the words of the soul must go from the heart itself.Then prayer will be heard Xenia of St. Petersburg, as they say clergymen.A different way will fail.Though literally learn the entire prayer book.If the soul does not invest in it, the work would be empty.And the topics that appeal to the holy, are all around us.Who it hurts, as they say, the one that asked.There is no pain, from which turns away Xenia of Petersburg.

For single sufferers

There is a trouble for some people.They can not afford to find a pair.All the partners are not caught.Therefore it is recommended Xenia of St. Petersburg Prayer of marriage.First, let's talk about the ideology of treatment, and then the text is given.It is very important to correctly set, not just words chant.By the way, many people are interested in, make sure you go to the temple or at home, you can pray?And in your heart you do not want to look for an answer?Lord dwells not only in the church.He's in the shower.And it is recommended to go to the temple, not to distract the man to the bustle, could feel the holiness that is going to do.Single people can pray wherever feels his relationship with the Lord.It is through her prayer Xenia of Petersburg of marriage will lead to the right path.The one on which the restriction is haunting and sad, too.Imagine this situation.Two full pursuit of happiness a person can not be meet.And from that babies are born, their souls yearn.Yes, and relatives of two accidents, too, are going through.All of it will be bad, as long as they are not connected.This Mige and pray to a saint.He asked the Lord.

Prayer for marriage

O all-blessed saint Xenia!You lived under the shelter of the Most High.Humbly endured hunger and cold, hunger and persecution, strengthen Dame.Clairvoyant you received from the Lord, and carried his heavy cross, Murmur not.Praise thee!We stand at your holy face, feeling the presence of your invisible, blessed by our Lord.Please heed our petitions.Bring them before the throne of the light of our Lord Most Merciful.Ask for saving the souls of those who are drawn to you, protect from evil diabolical!Appease, all-blessed Xenia!To ask the Lord's blessing on the wedding and kind of conception.Let us meet nisposhlёt betrothed.Let your kindness to forgive sinners.Obtain for us the love of family empowerment and well-being, all-blessed Xenia!Amen!

If trouble serving

There are other texts, which are encouraged to contact a saint.For example, prayer Xenia of St. Petersburg of the work.It is read not only by those who had suffered in the service of bad times.Why wait for the irreparable?This prayer should remember all those for whom work is important.Each case begins with it.And some day, so I do it to cover labor needs.You'll see how the situation around the change.Enemies become friends, barriers dissolve completely.Just be aware that your words you will pay to the holy fool (with life).And that, if someone does not know the person for whom the material is of no value.They say that when Xenia was distributing his possessions, she was asked about what she will eat.Simpleton pointed to the birds and said: "They sent me the Lord will not leave."Given this, it is necessary to understand that prayer Xenia of St. Petersburg of the work - this is not a request for income or project.Rather, it can be called desire the blessing of God on the creative application of these abilities.That is of paramount importance should be placed for the benefit of society, and not enrichment, much less punish offenders.

Prayer for the

O holy Mother Xenia!You, our intercessor before the Lord and molitvennitsa!We have before your bright face humbly ask.We beg God for forgiveness for the sins of us known and casual.To illumine our mind and He cleansed the conscience of impure thoughts and filth, from arrogance and insolence.To benefit our labor brought blessed hand of His heavenly.You, all-blessed Xenia, our intercessor and hope.With you, together praise the Lord!Amen!

Xenia of St. Petersburg Prayer of conception

This issue is very delicate.They say that no woman in the life of Xenia is not denied on the board.According to her, she did - and found her spouse, the children and provided themselves.Text for the special cases of infertility are not going to lead.To what other people's words in such a case.From heart talk.Required icon Xenia of St. Petersburg home set.To her mind, please.Even if you have not special words, so you imagine a baby in her arms.Holy hear and be sure to come across the right solution.

Xenia of St. Petersburg Prayer return a loved

In those legends that describe the life of the saint, for the most part featured stories about how it was building someone else's family life.She herself loved selflessly and to all the others wanted such luck.Therefore, the request for the return of her spouse, is believed to be responsive to the particular trepidation.And to speak before the icon should be the words: "Holy Xenia!Help us in trouble the Lord servant (name)!Devil's wiles away my dear friend.Evil human tore it from me, trampled on my soul!To ask the Lord's blessing on our re-union!Mati our Xenia!Unite Lord's servants (names) by the power of his gift, received from Jesus!Protection against the evil eye and witchcraft, diabolical trickery and disease earth.Amen! »

the welfare

In some people, fortunately, do not have the problems described above.So they have nothing to come to the good saint?No of course.Therefore it is recommended prayer for the welfare of Xenia of Petersburg.But we should remember about the features of the life of the one who to contact.That is, do not imagine the well-being of countless notes, machines or palaces.It does not do whatever it is.The well-being - a child's joyful laughter and a happy smile favorites.It is sunlight and the absence of bad news.Each in its own way it determines in mind the values ​​that their parents instilled in him.And say: "O holy-blessed Mother Ksenia!To ask the Lord's blessing to turn to you.We pray for the forgiveness of our sins and protection from the evil of all.On healing the sick and helping in the work of employees.On the strengthening of the spirit of the difficulties.Amen. "

To all It should be added that the prayer Xenia of Petersburg - it is not a dogma, as you might think.Its strength is not in words but in faith strong.You know, there is such a test.Put two people in single file.One who is to come, offer fall on the second hand.This is not to look back or otherwise control the behavior of a partner.There are, of course, the risk of a fall to the floor Kul.So, despair at such an experiment only one who can be trusted.And you?You know, what is this feeling?Imagine that there are forces in the heavens, able to cover your great love, to grant true happiness?