Restoration of bathtubs with acrylic liquid: Reviews and efficiency.

Over time, once snow-white new bath loses its appearance.In addition to changing the color, can be formed on the surface scratches and deeply ingrained dirt can not be removed by any means.In this case, the restoration of the bath.Reviews of many owners of residential premises favor the independent performance of the work.This is understandable.First of all I must say that these experts capable qualitatively to restore the iron bath, very little.In addition, many stops the relatively high cost of this service.Moreover, they say the owners of flats, to restore their own bath is not too difficult.

material for the restoration of

recovery enamel bath can be accomplished using a special compound.The market offers a wide range of different coatings.One of the most popular is now considered a liquid acrylic.This coating has unique properties.Using it, you can carry out the restoration of enamel bath tiles and without dismantling of the bowl.The material is highly resistant to chemical and mechanical exposure.The apparent advantage of liquid acrylic and considered it excellent decorative properties.Surface covered they will not be slippery.As a rule, for the restoration of used bulk liquid acrylic "Stakril."As part of a mixture of base and curing agent is present.Among consumers enjoy such popularity as acrylic compositions as "Ekovanna" and "Alfavanna."

Benefits coverage

Why so popular restoration liquid acrylic bathtubs?The fact that the material has many good qualities.As they say themselves consumers, restoring the bath with the composition provides a smooth surface that exceeds that which is obtained by molding factory.The product so coated is used for a prolonged period without losing its appearance.Liquid acrylic has low thermal conductivity.With this water keeps the temperature longer.The bathroom, covered with acrylic much more comfortable.After the restoration of the product makes it easier to care for.The surface simply wipe with a sponge and soapy water.There is no need to apply abrasives.As they say consumers coating over time virtually no wear.How to carry out the restoration of the iron bath by yourself?This was on.

eliminate pollution

often restoring enamel bath is necessary when the conventional cleaning products do not help to cope with pollution coverage ceased to be pure white, there was rust.From the latter can be very difficult to get rid of.To remove rust should use the funds as part of which the presence of an acid.It promotes the conversion of a colorless metal oxide salt.

The most effective means necessary to carry liquid "Cleaning 2".Rust is removed after 10 minutes.However, this means comprising hydrochloric acid, leads to the destruction of the enamel coating.In this regard, after its application should be very carefully and continuously rinse the treated areas.Removal of rust can be carried out using less invasive means.These include, in particular, concerns such pastes and powders as "Avtoochistitel" "Cam" "Tartar" "Surzha" and others.Without special effects, you can remove the rust by a 15-20 tiprotsentnyh organic solutions of acids (oxalic acid, for example).

Surface preparation

Before you spend restoring acrylic baths must be clean and dry ground.If the surface of small scratches, they are quite sandpaper.If the defects are more serious, you have to remove the entire cover.To do this, use a drill with an abrasive wheel.It should be noted that in the process will be a lot of dust.Therefore it is necessary to make the removal of the coating in a respirator.After cleaning the surface thoroughly wash off the mud.Then treated with a solvent bath.If not, you can use baking soda.It is diluted in water to a pulp consistency.After treatment with soda thoroughly rinsed from the surface of hot water.

cracks and chips must be sealed.It uses quick-avtoshpaklevka.Regeneration bath acrylic performed at the specific temperature of the surface.In the bowl of hot water pre-gain.Filled with the product to stand for five minutes.Thereafter, the water is drained.Further, the surface dries quickly.For this fit cloth lint.Just before starting the restoration of the bath with his hands, it is necessary to dismantle the plum (upper and lower).Thus, under the cup at the level of the hole should be installed capacity.If it is impossible to dismantle, if, for example, Tiled bath, sink sealed with tape and placed on top of the bottom of a plastic cup.It will hit the remains of liquid acrylic.


After careful preparation, you can begin restoring the enamel cast-iron bathtubs.The mixture, which will be covered by the surface must be prepared immediately before application.Some amount of the composition then is poured into a small container.Restoration of the bath will be a bulk method.What is it?On a side poured a thin strip of acrylic.Material with a spatula is moved under the tile.Next on the edge of the rim pours the mixture to form a layer of 4-5 cm. At the same acrylic must drain to approximately the middle of the bath.The jet systematically and continuously moved along the rail.It is necessary to move around the perimeter until until the ring will close.Stop for a long time can not.In the event of sags or drips do not need to correct them.In the process of drying, they will disappear.

After you have passed the circle, the mixture is poured into the middle of the bath.Further, performing a spiral movement, it is necessary to cover the entire surface.Remnants of the mixture will drain into the drain hole or from the bottom of a plastic cup for yourself.After drawing a bath should be left to dry completely.Depending on the type of liquid acrylic, this period ranges from 1 to 4 days.

Benefits of

bath This method of recovery, according to many consumers, it is considered to be very economical (especially in comparison with the cost of purchasing a new product).Coverage for the restoration of a standard cup, the area is about 1.5 m2, to reach 3.4 kg.Overall, the work is carried out quickly.However, experts do not recommend a hurry, especially if the recovery is performed for the first time.Nevertheless, the restoration will take 2-4 hours.

Types of material and durability

Consumers can choose any of the following options:

  • Dolgosohnuschy acrylic.After his deposition surface is dry for four days.This composition forms a solid surface.If the drying time is not important, it is better to stop the choice on this kind of coverage.
  • Quick-drying acrylic.It is used when an urgent need to restore the surface.Bath covered with this kind of enamel dry for a day.

Masters involved restoration products offer a guarantee on their work about 2-3 years.But as they say the owners themselves, the life of an updated bath much longer.Recommendations for the care of the product are simple.If you stick to them, the acrylic coating will last at least 15 years.

traditional material

liquid acrylic began to apply for the restoration of baths recently.Up to this point was a different material and different technology.However, today, many perform recovery bath nitroemalyu.Before its application is executed, as in the previous case, the surface preparation.After that, the inside of the cup defatted or soil.Experts recommend to restore the baths used nitroenamels NC-11 (canned beer).It is inappropriate to use the spray.This is due to the fact that they present a lot of solvent.This feature significantly reduces the operation ended.


recovery bath by using a tissue swab.The coating is applied in three layers.Thus each previous need to dry for 20-30 minutes.Do not use the foam swab, as nitroenamels its solutions.With humidity over 60% of the coating film may crack or go to spots.To avoid this, it is recommended or dry room, or install the reflector.The top coat should be dried up slightly moisten the solvent.Wherein the reflector clean.Under the influence of the solvent forming a smooth semi-gloss film.Approximately twenty-four hours the enamel is dry.The coating can be polished with a special paste, applied to the flannel flap.


recovery bath can be carried out using melaminoalkidnoy synthetic enamel.However, please know that this coating has dried overnight at room temperature.To speed it is recommended to use a reflector.In establishing its surface temperature of 100-130 degrees will dry in half an hour.Such a coating perfectly lays down on the metal surface.At the same time before applying the base does not need to be primed.Melaminoalkidnaya enamel is highly resistant to mechanical damage.After its application to the surface a glossy film.