Who are the gangsters?

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In 2013, on the television screens went the first season of the American television series "Mob City."The director of this masterpiece is Frank Darabont, known to many in the film "The Walking Dead."In this tape starring Jon Bernthal perform, Edward Burns and many others.The series detailed manner about the life of American 40s, showing the viewer who the gangsters as they were and what they do.Storyline - the confrontation the police and criminal structures.

Explanation concepts

For those who are not interested in watching these TV products, but wants to know who the gangsters, and this article is intended.As you know, our speech is filled with lots of borrowed words.The term "gangster" is one of them.This word has come to us from the New World.Initially in America were street gangs (gang gangsters).They were called gangs.Refine your affiliation with any gang helped the word gangster.Translated, it means "a person who is a member of a criminal gang in the United States in the 20-40-ies of the 20th century."

Alphonse Gabriel Capone

Chicagoans know firsthand who the gangsters.The city at one time (in the early twenties of the twentieth century) lived in one of the notorious "fathers" of criminal activity throughout the country.This man's name - Al Capone.After moving with his family to Brooklyn from Naples, he brought in the structure of US kriminulnuyu its own "flavor", which nurtured it the Mafia.Gangsters its organized crime were known for their brutality, violence and rapid determination.

is noteworthy that the main "white" business Al Capone was the creation and restoration of furniture.However, under such a mundane hidden bootlegging, pimping, selling drugs, weapons and gambling.

noteworthy that precisely because of this crime boss in America, everywhere there were laundry facilities.In order to hide their income from the prohibited business, Al Capone ordered the construction around town laundry with laundromat.The price for the services was established as the minimum that these places have become popular among all strata of the population.To track the number of visitors was not possible.Thus, and profit also remained unaccounted for.Due to this Al Capone was able to hide its "dirty" in the amount of "clean" earnings laundry.Since that time, there was also a steady expression - "to launder money."

Ā«fathers" of the criminal world to life imprisonment

Tell who the gangsters can and history of Alcatraz Prison, which, in turn, and spent several years of his life Al Capone and many other gangsters.Located on an island off the coast of San Francisco, this place in the period of its operation was one of the most secure and reliable of all existing similar institutions of strict regime.Escape here it was virtually impossible.That is why here banished the most brutal and ruthless criminal elements from across the country.

These include, besides the already known to us of Al Capone, are:

  1. George Kelly, nicknamed "Automatic" Kelly.He was sentenced to a life sentence for murder, kidnapping and other mafia case.At the time of the gangster felt the first enemy of the American state.
  2. Roy Gardner - known gangster and a thief.His "glory" He was robbing trains.During the punishment mafia wrote the book "Hell Alcatraz," which told his biography, and described prison life and other crime bosses.

Chicago Bandits

Also gangsters serve their sentences in one of the toughest federal prisons of America, history also includes other criminal personality.Among them - the Chicago mafia element Stanley Moore, nicknamed "The Inquisitor".His fame, like many other gangsters, was of dubious quality.He "earned his name" on that unscrupulously and hard "beat out" debts from debtors.He was also responsible for the execution of those who in any way interfere with "good cause" gang.

Besides Americans, among the famous American gangsters were Asians.One of them is Mr. Singh.He had a special skill.He was attracted to the case, if it was necessary to present the murder as an accident due to poisoning.Asian killer applied in his profession rare Oriental poisons.

Another fearsome reputation at the time was a Chicago gangster nicknamed "Bone Hand."Together with his assistants, he was selling drugs, gambling, "protection racket" of brothels and brothels, murders and robberies.

is noteworthy that although the representatives of the criminal world and lived almost a century ago (in the 20-40-ies of the 20th century), a photo of Chicago gangsters perfectly preserved in police databases and historical archives.