Can the pasta in the post?

Before we start talking about the dishes, which are not allowed to eat on certain days, and resolve the question of whether the pasta in the post, we should recall some of the church rules.Refraining from eating - what is it?How many posts in a year?What are their names?In addition, it should be noted that the restrictions imposed during Lent, for various categories of persons are different.This will be our story.

What are

Posts established Orthodox Church, divided into several categories.Day - in their four year.This Lent, Petrov, Assumption and Christmas.In addition, the fast days set in the Epiphany Eve, the eve of the feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist and Holy Cross.They are called one-day.At other times, the Orthodox people fast on Wednesdays, in memory of the betrayal of Christ by Judas, and on Friday, recalling the cross of suffering Savior.

Anything eaten in days of fasting must meet a number of specific requirements.They established the church charter.These requirements may vary depending upon which specific post is meant.Even during the multi-day admission restrictions of certain types of products there are certain days - an exception to the general rule.For example, during Lent there are days that prescribed abstinence from food, and there are as blessed by eating fish eggs.Anyone who wants to fast should the church calendar daily specify what features are prescribed in the menu that day.

sensible approach to restrictions

dishes in the post are selected in such a way as to eliminate certain foods - meat, dairy and fish.Such restrictions are to ultimately tame the flesh and all thoughts are spent on prayer, repentance, and the thought of God.But it is necessary to subdue the flesh, and not to kill.

Hungry syncope and gastritis will not save the soul.It is important to remember.Therefore, soberly assessing their strength, one has to decide to what extent it would follow the general rules.In this case, it is recommended to consult with a priest or someone from the more experienced people.By the way, church rule exempts from fasting sick people, pregnant women, young children, and persons traveling and participating in hostilities.And now for the question whether the pasta in the post.The product seems to be diet - and the problems with it should arise.

Eat pasta whether in the post?

Many love this product for quick cooking and the possibility to diversify their menus using it and various sauces.On the question of whether the pasta in the post, can not be answered unequivocally.It all depends on the ingredients included in their composition.When it comes to the most basic pasta consisting of flour and water, then, of course, possible.

For their eating is not an obstacle, as well as for consumption of bread.But the industry also produces varieties that are more complex composition.They may include eggs, dairy components and various components of animal origin.In this case, you should refrain from them.Thus, in post eaten pasta, but first must specify the list of incoming components.

Vegetables on the table vegetable

In general, the food in the post can be quite varied.Every housewife, a little imagination, can make quite a reasonable menu.It will consist primarily vegetables cooked very different manner.For example, fried potatoes is a regular guest meatless table, and without sauerkraut and cucumbers at all these days is not enough.Recipes while fasting include mushrooms, harvested in the winter and wait in the wings in tubs and buckets.Dried and pickled, they will be a good tool for lean table.

recommended boiled and stewed vegetables.With regard to the technology of their preparation, the housewife may be advisable to try to minimize thermal treatment.This will keep them contained useful substances.It is desirable to lower the vegetables in boiling water and have to make sure that they do not digest.Also, do not cook them in a large volume of water and prevent excessive boiling.When choosing vegetables you should try as much as possible to expand the range of products, including the menu, squash, beans, corn, cauliflower, and so on. N.

Fruit and nuts during post

inalienable part of menu up fruits, nuts and various dishes made from them.Lovely dessert mix may be prepared from dried apricots and prunes with nuts - walnuts or peanuts.Especially delicious and nutritious meal you get when you fill it with honey.

Each component will perform a specific function: restore strength nuts and dried fruit and honey give taste.Honey deserves special attention, because using it is possible to prepare any variety of treats.Modern cooking offers a wide variety of recipes, which are not included in the sugar and milk, but use honey.For example, honey cake can be baked only meatless ingredients.

Flour and cereal products

during Lent Recipes contain many cereals.Of course, they need to boil water, not milk, and should refrain from butter.But even with these limitations, you can cook a very tasty porridge.Nobody forbids it add raisins, nuts or carrots.And the mushrooms are perfectly combined with buckwheat, rice and other cereals species.It all depends on the imagination of the hostess and her ability to experiment.

blesses eating a variety of baked goods and desserts.It is important that their composition did not include eggs and milk.The question of whether or not you can have a bakery, similar to the question of whether the pasta in the post.In some cases you can, in others not.You just have to be careful and do not be lazy to specify their structure.

Food industry produces many different substitutes conventional products that are authorized in the post.For example, instead of the usual mayonnaise, which is composed of egg yolks, one can take an analogue thereof, prepared without their use.Thus, during Lent recipes may be used in various cooking, choosing components suitable for the post.

quantitative restrictions in food

very important during Lent, except for restrictions on food quality, and to take into account the amount eaten.The post would be completely meaningless if, rising from the table, we are burdened with food.Excessive use of the products, or otherwise - gluttony, according to church canons is one of the deadly sins.If he is sentenced on ordinary days, the period of fasting the more unacceptable.The same can be said about the use of alcohol.On some days of fasting allowed to drink a little wine.However, the abuse of alcohol is condemned by the Church whether in the fast day it happened or skoromny.

Fasting and post solid spiritual

Fasting is not limited to only a temporary abandonment of the use of certain products.Otherwise, it came down to a normal diet.The post includes a conscious abstinence from all that prevents to concentrate on his inner world.It is important to understand how your life corresponds to the teachings of Christ, to recognize the sins and sincerely repent of them.For this, a time of fasting should be to move away from all the bustle and coming.Fasting should be combined with a solid spiritual fasting.The question whether eating pasta in a post or other products, of course, important, but more important than the busy thoughts.Leisure and let all sorts of fun in those days recede into the background.Their time will come.It is necessary to devote fast days the soul and the body will be a lot more days a year.