Fish stuck - sea shadow

Fish stuck - one of the most amazing creatures that inhabit the world's oceans.Virtually all their lives they spend, attach to different "owners" by the first dorsal fin, shifted to the top of the head and transformed in the course of the evolutionary process in a special suction cup, which has the shape of an oval disk.These fish often found on cetaceans, rays, dolphins, turtles, and even on ships.Remora fish even the most bloodthirsty predators oceans and seas - sharks - manage to turn into a convenient and comfortable "vehicle".

In biological classification these unusual sea creatures belong to the family of bone class of ray-finned Perciformes squad.They are widely distributed in the waters of subtropical and tropical seas.Fish stuck - it is not just an amazing creature she is a prime example of evolutionary adaptability of biological organisms to the different conditions of existence.The fact that nature has equipped its swim bladder, which allows to adjust the depth of the dive.And the fish from sticking quite found an original solution, using as a "vehicle" of larger sea creatures.

Various species of these unusual inhabitants of the underwater world prefer well-defined "masters", not only greatly facilitates their long journey, but in many cases, play a very important role in their lives.Most independent in its choice of the so-called ordinary adhered.Unlike his other "stick" relatives, it has a definite tendency to independent living, and often travels in splendid isolation.By the way, he is one of two species of this family (the second - remora), living in the Russian territorial waters.

fry fish initially stuck there in stand-alone mode and begins to actively stick to floating objects only on reaching the size of more than four centimeters.Fish stuck at this stage chooses the companions of small fish, for example, boxfish, and pufferfish.It was long thought that the marine life feed exclusively leftovers of their large "owners".But this is not true.Their diet is dominated by living in the water column planktonic organisms and small animals, as well as ekzoparazity "master".

Unlike ordinary adhered, remora associated with its bloodthirsty "vehicle" is much stronger ties.It is a real sea shadow everywhere all the time next to its toothy "mistress."Such remora fish and sharks are a clear example of the tandem and biological perfection ecosystems of the planet.The basis of the menu Remora are small invertebrate parasites - copepods inhabiting the body of a shark that undoubtedly brings many benefits predator.

Apparently, Remora can not exist completely independently.Until now, this kind of stuck found only attached to the shark, predominantly in its gill cavity, where there is free access to the water breathing apparatus Remora without any effort on her part.Another interesting fact is that the removal of a shark remora this type and placed in the aquarium to feel very uncomfortable, if not bad.Remora showed signs of "heavy breathing", making more than two hundred breaths per minute.

Also characteristic and rather unusual feature of many species cleaved is their ability to change its color.Basically, the size of adult fish stuck-range from 30 cm to one meter.The boundaries of the depth of their habitat about 20 - 50 m.