What white cognac: the description and the unique properties of unusual products

Few people had heard of the existence of such a drink as white brandy.And try it, really, had not much.

Drink century

twentieth century extremely rich in discoveries and surprises.One of the gifts of the century can be considered the invention Frenchman Jean-Jacques Godet new drink, called "white brandy."The adventurer made it in honor of his trip to the snowy shores of Antarctica.To emphasize the uniqueness of the product, designers have even developed a special bottle.It has a square shape, and looks like a piece of cold ice.In addition, white brandy is absolutely transparent.But sometimes it can be white or slightly yellowish.Secret its color is a special filter, and that the aging period the beverage is not more than fifteen years.During this time he does not have time to acquire the desired hue and without staining remains clear as a tear.Indeed, this beverage (compared to steel) is not colored with burnt sugar.Tasters unanimously say that the white brandy has a surprisingly mild taste.A comp

lex and unusual bouquet gradually reveals the spicy, slightly salty flavor, which is then followed by fruity sweetness with a hint of light peppercorn.

Extension in price

first release was the company unusual drink Hennessy.Production was carried out in small batches, and he almost did not leave the country.But the global market is best known for another brandy.Its price is much lower, but the quality is no worse than it is.Godet Icy Cognac ANTARCTICA - a brilliant representative of the white brandy.It is made from only one grape variety - Folle Blanche.This is his feature and unlike other similar drinks.Production Technology Standard: distillation alcohol stand in oak barrels for 7 years and then goes to the bottling.The price of "Antarctica" does not exceed 100 euros per bottle capacity 0, 5 liters.For some it seems too expensive, but true connoisseurs will stop at nothing.In addition, given that luxury brandies are from 4 to 8 thousand dollars, the cost of "Antarctica" in comparison with them should be considered as sheer nonsense.Generally products cognac house Godet difficult to find in our stores, but it does not mean that the problem can not be solved.

product features

For those who did not manage to try the white brandy feedback will help make the right choice.For a start it is worth noting that to assess any drink can be appreciated only if you know how to properly drink it.Most people somehow are advised to cool before drinking cognac.Better yet, put it on a couple of hours in the freezer.In a pinch, you can just put in a glass of ice.In his presence is refreshing and pleasant to drink does not taste bitter.Thus, unusual drink can be used as an aperitif and during the meal to use ordinary water.Snack "white wonder" the best smoked sausage and a variety of pates.It is not necessary to submit to it sweets, cheese or fruit.These products present cognac completely compatible.Although many still misleading sweet aftertaste and a long fruity beverage.In principle, it is possible not to seize anything.So it will be even better.

in the best European traditions

first to continue the tradition of European masters in Ukraine took cognac plant "Tavria".In honor of the famous Swiss Jean Zhatona the company developed new products, and called his name a trademark - Jatone.This can be regarded as a tribute to the great wineries and gratitude for the fact that at one time, many years ago, the French and Swiss colonists decided to master the rich Ukrainian lands and taught the locals to produce the highest quality cognacs.The work was not easy, but the result exceeded all expectations.Nowadays trade mark "Zhaton" is quite popular.Among the rich range of products and has a white brandy Jatone.The unusual flavor and a beautiful, sophisticated fragrance put this product on a par with other luxury products brands.Its quality is really worthy of respect.However, like everything produced "Tavria" in its long history that goes back more than 120 years.