What is the word?

In Russian, there is a lot of different words.Some of them are clear, by definition, some need to learn.This article will talk about what a word.The term, like, well known to all, but to correctly identify it without prior preparation can not everyone.


In the beginning you need to deal with the concept.So, what is the word?It is believed that the term has come to us from the Greek language - λόγος («logo").Although this designation is most often translated as "word", though it is a bit wrong.Ate to be more precise, the "logos" should be translated as "mind."And this can be quite easy to conclude that the word - is a consequence of a thought process, dressed in a certain language unit.

little history

should be said that the word appeared when people became necessary to negotiate with each other (on the life of the device, about the rules of the hunt, and so on. D.).When exactly this happened is impossible to say.Anthropologists have not yet come to the same conclusion, although the account has more than a dozen different hypotheses.The important would be the following assertion: the emergence of speech was preceded by sign language, which until then existed at least a million years.However, since it was not always possible to communicate in this way (for example, it was difficult to do in the dark or during operation, when the hands are busy), it was necessary to look for alternatives.Here and there was a word in the history of mankind, and - as a consequence - Speaking.

about the power of words

understand what this word: it arose, whence came the term - is worth a few words to say about the fact that the word itself has a huge effect.Even in the Bible it says: "Life and death - in the power of language."This is no exaggeration.Only one word can cheer a person, injure, hook, hurt.And with the help of a special key, with which a particular word is pronounced, it is also possible to adjust the behavior of the person: the reason with a child, an adult to shame.Magicians and diviners have say even more: a set of words, or even a single word, thrown in their hearts, so may harm the person that will lead him to the grave.However, the same applies to positive words.Pleasant to the human ear phrases can cheer him up so that they can radically change lives.The fact that the Russian word is not only weight, but also strength, reads, all the well-known saying: "The word - not a sparrow.Departure - you will not catch. "The essence of this statement is that it is always necessary to think carefully about what you say.

From science

to understand what the word of man, and what effect it has, we should also say that all this is confirmed by scientific leaders.Scientists RAS P. and G. Tertyshniy Garyaev invented the machine that all the words of a man translates into electromagnetic waves (as they are known to affect the DNA).By arduous studies have shown that all the spoken words affect human DNA.A speech justed in human cells causes some mutations that are similar in nature to radioactive exposure!Experiments were carried out on the seed plants (their "irradiated" abusive speech).The results exceeded all expectations of the experimental seeds lost, the others turned to genetic freaks (and through several generations and all degenerated).However, this experiment has not been completed.The researchers decided to try to revive the "dead" seeds - and they got it.Above them, just read the prayers and good spoken affectionate speech.After a certain time, the seeds have sprouted and gave a bumper crop.

simple conclusion

For just this one study can demonstrate that such a word, and what effect it has.At the same time, you can safely say that all the words spoken by the person affect the body.Positive - good, negative - bad, destructive.But while the brain perceives speech as spoken by another person in your address, or even spoken from the TV screen.Therefore, it is necessary to be careful not only with other people (which is only one word can not only spoil the mood, but also harm the body at the cellular level), but also with external information obtained from various sources - television, books, newspapers.

How to pronounce words

So, having understood the concept of "Russian Word": what it brings - is to say also that we must be able to speak properly, so as not to harm your body.That is quite a simple example: "I do not want to get sick."Man seems to be setting yourself up for a positive, but the result - not very good.Why is that?Quite simply, in a bid to have the word "disease", which is perceived by the body.It would be better to say: "I want to be healthy!" And then the brain tunes itself to the health program, not allowing himself to various viruses and infections.Such examples can be a huge amount, and they are all fully illustrate the power of human speech.