Why are so fond of Russian Thailand?

Thailand, in fact, the only country where our tourists travel year-round.They go in the winter, in spite of the rainy season, go in the spring, despite the high cost, go in the summer, although there are closer places in the sun.How then are smeared with honey?


can fly to Thailand for a long time, and vacation begins already on the plane.Most flights to Thailand are committed by Arab airline companies, and they serve so that even 10 hours of economy class will not seem boring.

Stewards constantly walking the aisles, looking at someone who is already drunk or too shy to ask for alcohol and pour themselves offer.Yet.And further.Red and white, whiskey, gin, vodka - what your heart desires.It would seem that, in this scenario drunken fights are inevitable, but nothing like this: on these flights, even the voice of no one improves.

flight with a connection is fine by the fact that along the way you can visit in Shanghai, Doha, Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dhabi - as lucky.In the UAE, connecting flight

s are often delayed, and sometimes you can see how the Russians are fleeing across the airport, knocking down leisurely Arab sheikhs.Time enough to even make it to the plane, but we have time to look into the way of duty free and buy magnet.

Russian food is not afraid

in the Thai capital is even more fun.If you then - on Samui, for example - a transplant can take ten hours.The Europeans, having reached immediately seated on the bench, take out laptops and go to the Internet.

Russians just half a kilometer bypass line slip through passport control in the city and soon - watch attractions benefit from the airport to the center of Bangkok, just half an hour away by air express.

Bangkok sticky air of odors and tastes, from the early morning on the streets of something fried and smoked traders.It seems these are the cockroaches, which are advised not to try, except in restaurants, if you really want.But Russian nothing to fear: buy everything without looking and not particularly interested in that kind of maggots fried in a salad.

Fortified, slowly discover that, even though they are in the city center, the geographic center of the only, and not a tourist.That is up to the world famous Royal Palace and its gardens to get even an hour, the subway does not go there.Immediately nowhere narisovyvaetsya helpful Thais - street tourist guides, ready to drop off to the right place, and return to the place.Here is some of their shares valuable information, saying that the Thai people to tear off a lot of money, will drive two hours all the channels, and then the same amount back.That is not on the flight back in time!Inflames heated debate: the palace jerk or slowly back to the airport.Arguing for so long and passionately, that go, unable to withstand the battles, even the patient Thais.

Charter argue, people coming back, where shows Europeans on the same bench in the same positions.It turned out that they somehow just looked at all - only with the tablet screen.

With bare jellyfish!

Our man, if it came to rest, no time lost.Once in the hotel, immediately undresses and runs to bathe, spit on precautions.And there is something to fear.Near the shore after the tide crowd huge numbers of giant jellyfish.One Russian woman from my hotel my husband and I went to bathe naked in the night.

This Russian tradition to swim in the buff before departure.As a result, leaving deposited Aunt in black water met the two-meter jellyfish.Her husband barely parried his wife.Fortunately, he was a medical miracle, and inspired the Thais that his wife needs resuscitation, and not just some kind of ointment.At the hospital she was lying week.

After all rush to the sea for food.And asking witty.Then swear and swear on Thais (in Russian), and then memorize the phrase, with which you can get an edible, from the point of view of the European dish - "know spicy."

I have a week in Thailand had the strong feeling that the Russian did not really catch up, it is not Turkey that even the locals do not understand the words "hello" and "thank you."They are trying to learn the amazing persistence Thais something in Russian.And sometimes it's terrible folly like, "Oh, and who is so funny?" (In the sacred temple of the Buddha), or "I just do not poisoned by eating this cake?ยป

Excess massage

However, in Thailand, our compatriotsbehave differently than in Turkey and Egypt.Drunken parties satisfied, but not very noisy.Dance clubs spend on the beach, but not too destructive.Maybe soothing Thai massage?For him, of course, go to everyone who is able to walk at all.

It is recommended no more than two hours a day, but we also come to rest!Therefore, Thai massage in Russian - is ten hours a massage parlor with breaks for meals and bathing.Prices paradise here - from 250 to 400 baht per hour session (in Moscow, for the same charge 2,500 rubles).Men Taiko's not a stick, and not because they come with their wives and children and because women in Thailand many times more than men.My neighbor on the bungalow met a massage on - so she had tracked down and rolled up on the bike at the hotel.Staged a terrible scene of jealousy, moreover, that understood English, which are both almost do not know.A neighbor later recalled it with fondness - said it was not so popular at any resort of the world, he vowed to save money and to come back here.Taika promised to wait.


Currency: 1 Thai baht is approximately equal to 1 ruble.

Vaccinations: are not necessary.However, you should not drink water from the tap because of the widespread tropical infection here.Tea is recommended to boil water only from bottles.Their most hotels put in the room free of charge in the morning.

What to take with : less clothes.There is no mandatory Crimea "walking the" dresses.But the drug must be taken out of the house.In all pharmacies in Thai - die until explain the seller, that you need.

What to buy home : coconut oil - 250 baht per 500 ml, honey, beer, local sweets bean.Home remedy for potency are exactly two times less than we do, but for 50-100 baht you can buy local green pills, which, they say, are the same.In boutiques usually buy figurines of animals, carnival masks, shoes (from 1,500 baht) and handmade clothing (200 baht).

Ride on you ...

Bangkok.The most interesting city in the country in terms of tourist attractions.

Phuket.The cleanest island of Thailand.

Pattaya.Foremost parties.

Samui.Solid coconut plantation, the place of discharge "bounty."

Phi Phi.The most beautiful island in Thailand, often hosts wedding photo shoot.

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