Flaxseed oil: medicinal properties, rules of admission.

Nature gave man a lot of plants that have healing properties.One of them - flax.This inconspicuous flower has long been used by man in many areas: for clothing, food and even medication.The most common use for such purposes, linseed oil.Medicinal properties of it were known in the past in many countries.It helps in many diseases, and in the presence of nutrients exceeds any vegetable oil.Before his ever eaten, used for cosmetic purposes and for health promotion.In the twentieth century, the production of linseed oil was almost stopped, because it is quite expensive.Only in recent years, this medicinal product is available again to all who care about their health.

composition of flaxseed oil

most useful product is obtained by cold pressing.So it retains all the nutrients and vitamins.What makes flaxseed oil treatment?

- Most of all it is appreciated for its unique combination of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids.Especially useful for health linolenic acid, more commonly known under the name of

omega-3.It is not synthesized by the body, but from the other products present only in fish oil.About 60% of it in its composition contains linseed oil.Medicinal properties it can also be explained by the presence of linoleic and oleic acids.

- As part of linseed oil are many fat-soluble vitamins - E, A, K and B group

- It contains the necessary health magnesium, fluoride and iron.

- This oil is a source of unique substances - linganov, which have antioxidant and anticancer effect.They are phytoestrogens, so women are most needed.

Linseed oil - Use

How to take it in various diseases, knew all the ancient healers.Its unique composition explains the effective impact on the entire body.What were the properties of flaxseed oil:

- antioxidant effect improves the skin and rejuvenates the body and normalize metabolic processes in the tissues;

- antiseptic properties accelerate the healing of wounds and ulcers, in addition, liver oil was purified toxins and whole body against parasites;

- it also has the ability to normalize the metabolism and reduce the content of the "bad" cholesterol.And the fact that it helps in lipolysis, allows to use it for obesity;

- this oil improves heart, cleanses the blood vessels and serves as an excellent prevention of heart attacks and strokes;

- it has strong anti-cancer properties as Lingala able to kill cancer cells;

- this oil strengthens the immune system, helps to recover from serious diseases and withstand stress.

This is most useful is oil

it contained a large amount of phytoestrogens suggests that the linseed oil is most useful for women of any age.Furthermore restorative impact and improve metabolism, it is an excellent tool for the prevention of breast cancer, and prolongs youth.Regular use of this oil relieves women during menstruation and menopause, as the positive effect on the female hormones.And during pregnancy, adding it to food contributes to proper formation of cells in the brain of the child.

In what diseases it is useful

- constipation, colitis, gastritis and ulcers;

- atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and multiple sclerosis;

- worm infestation, fungal diseases and toxic liver damage;

- asthma;

- obesity and metabolic diseases;

- injuries, bruises and burns;

- edema, kidney stones and other kidney disease;

- reduced visual acuity.

As used

The greatest curative effect of cold-pressed oil.Keep it should be in a cool place.The best flaxseed oil is sold in bottles of dark glass of small volume, because after opening it quickly deteriorates.For treatment it is necessary to use a fresh product.How to drink linseed oil?It is added to foods or taken by mouth for a reason.Adults can drink 2-3 tablespoons a day.The heat treatment can not be subjected to this oil, because it is at the same time losing all their properties.Some do not like a specific taste, which is linseed oil.Honey, lemon, yogurt, syrup or any kind of fruit will help soften it.It also goes well with cereals, salad and rye bread.Furthermore ingestion, linseed oil was used for rinsing the mouth and throat, as a compress or in cosmetics.

In what form it can be purchased

Pharmacies can buy flaxseed oil capsules.Comments about this medicine positive: it is very effective and easy to drink it.Anyone who has used it in one voice declare that the action it has the same as the liquid oil, but bad taste is not felt.Capsules are not necessarily stored in the refrigerator, and accept or carry in case of need they are very comfortable.And to better act, you need to follow a few simple rules:

- while taking the capsules can not eat and drink hot dishes;

- the one who receives oil capsules, you must refrain from taking laxatives;

- they need to drink in the morning before breakfast and at night before going to bed;

- should not take more than 17 grams of the drug per day.

How to drink linseed oil in various diseases

1. To clean the body of toxins and get rid of constipation, you need every day to drink two teaspoons of oil.The first time - in the morning half an hour before breakfast and once before bedtime.To enhance the effect, you can mix it with honey or yogurt.The liquid oil can be replaced with 2-3 capsules of pharmaceutical formulation.

2. Those who want to lose weight, you need to take on an empty stomach a teaspoon of flaxseed oil.It will help to reduce your appetite and bring excess fat.The same effect has linseed oil capsules.

3. Just one teaspoon of funds, the use, together with breakfast, activates the brain activity of the child and help him develop properly.

4. After a serious illness and operations should be added every day to eat 1-2 tablespoons of the product.

5. As with any medicine, it has contraindications.It is not recommended to use flaxseed oil for cholecystitis, bowel disorders and acute gastric diseases.

6. In order to achieve greater effect in various lesions of the skin need to mix linseed oil with sea buckthorn in the ratio of 2 to 1.

Rejuvenating mixture

With linseed oil can be prepared in a unique anti-aging and revitalizing agent.After its application grow better hair, improves eyesight and skin condition.There are different recipes of the tool, but all include the same components: lemon, garlic, linseed oil and honey.What was added - it is not so important, in any case, a very useful mixture.Take it should be on a teaspoon 3 times a day before meals.The most common recipe is this: half a liter of linseed oil take a cup of honey, a head of garlic and three lemons, one of which is added together with the peel.

Use topical

ability to regenerate cells - is the main thing that is valued for linseed oil.Medicinal properties of it when applied externally as wide as when taken orally.This oil is not only accelerates the healing of various skin lesions, it heals burns, irritation, itching, eczema and acne.This can lubricate the affected area several times a day or make oil compresses.Antibacterial and antifungal properties of the oil can effectively use it with herpes and psoriasis.Along with the external application of severe injuries is recommended to drink flaxseed oil capsules.Reviews of such treatment show that all healing processes are faster and generally well-cleaned skin becomes smooth and elastic.

Linseed oil in cosmetology

it has long been actively used in carrying out various beauty treatments.The best means to improve the skin - this is flaxseed oil.Receiving him inside enhances the action of masks and creams.After applying the linseed oil the skin becomes soft and velvety, fade acne, warts, calluses, flaking and itching.It has antioxidant and regenerative properties, excellent moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin.It is useful to make the bath for nails out of pure oil.It strengthens them, making shiny and prevents breakage.It is used as part of various cosmetic products for hair.The substances included in the linseed oil, improve their growth, prevent hair loss and treat dandruff.You can use it alone or added to any cosmetic product, for example, in the cream, the effect of which is to be strengthened.Useful as a massage with linseed oil, which helps with weight loss to maintain skin elasticity.

application of oil for various cosmetic problems

1. Flaxseed oil with ground coffee - a great anti-cellulite peeling.It does not cause any irritation or allergic reactions, effectively removes deposits of fat.

2. The application on the skin of linseed oil in combination with essential oils will help prevent stretch marks, wrinkles and cope with sagging skin.

3. If you mix it with honey, lemon and egg yolk, a part of the most beautifully softens rough skin.

4. Mask of flaxseed oil to nourish the hair scalp, strengthens hair roots and prevents hair loss.They will become silky and shiny if you mix this oil with glycerol.

5. When used various means with linseed oil for the skin is necessary to consider its condition.For example, when dry it is best to help mix oil with cucumber and sour cream for oily skin, mix it with cheese or egg yolk, and for fading prepare anti-aging cream made from honey, lemon, egg yolks, cream, camphor alcohol and, of course, linseed oil.

How to use it in cooking

This product is used since ancient times for food.But, do not expose flaxseed oil heat treatment, it is believed that after this it becomes even harmful.

therefore add it in ready meals.Flaxseed oil does not only increase the nutritional value of products, but also contributes to their better digestion, rapid saturation and improve metabolism.It is best to fill them to salads, added to the porridge, the first and second courses.To soften the unusual taste of this product, you can mix it with sour cream, mayonnaise or sunflower oil.Very healthy dish turns out, if you mix the cottage cheese with fresh herbs and add flaxseed oil.Medicinal properties of his help to make any product more nutritious and beneficial.