Ultimate policy

known Russian rapper Timati is going to conquer the big political Olympus.
Timothy firmly announced his decision to take an active part in political life in the future.Russian rap star sees itself not only as in the presidential chair.

Currently creative musical career plans and do not give the artist the possibility of a serious focus on politics, but in the future, Timothy is going to plunge into politics.

Timothy: "I would be happy to help his country to use their public position and the lessons learned for the benefit of young people in the first place.I would like to implement a program for young people, by means of which to reduce the level of drugs and crime in the country.Now I do not make a clear political agenda, I'm just busy with his work in music, film and business.And in parallel to observe the situation in the country.But I see its future policy-related and, in particular, that the problems of young people, and I want to help! »

So famous rapper expressed his desire to take a risk and repeat the career path of the actor Ronald Reagan to the presidency scaffolding.Meanwhile, Timothy realizes that now move into politics - a fashion trend for many public figures and athletes, but the rapper turning to other issues.

Timothy: "I understand, many ending their creative or sporting career, continue its politics.I would like to do otherwise and get the power from the people and not thanks to the support of prominent politicians.I think it's much more honest in moral terms.Serve the People or sell their a face - two different goals! ".

also the idol of young people said that would not want to part with the music completely, as it has always been an inspiration to him in his life.T Imathia, "I love Russia, the mentality of our people, the concept of honor and friendship, I have not seen this in America, though he lived there.I am often asked in an interview why I did not stay in America, but I'll always be here, because Russia - my home.My country has given me - the opportunity to do what I want (my music) and my fans. »