Technique of fast reading for adults and children.

Surely, you have heard this expression, as the technique of fast reading.But whether you do anything in order to master the skills of speed reading?And what is the normal speed of reading and how to measure it?Let's talk about what is the speed of reading and how you can increase it.In addition, we will touch on issues such as checking equipment read its forms, as well as consider the most effective exercises that will help significantly increase the speed of perception of text information.

What is the technique of reading?

Before we'll look at how you can quickly read, memorizing at this stuff, let's talk about what is the speed of reading and how it is measured.Also touch upon speed reading techniques, which makes it quite quickly and efficiently process texts.We note also that the speed reading and memory development quite closely related.

Speed ​​Reading - the ratio of read the sign at the time for which they are read.This takes into account the understanding of the text, that is, how closely the reader read it and remember it.

in school practice reading speed is measured in words, but experts recommend that it be measured in symbols, since the length of the words is different.

Speed ​​reading - a set of special techniques and methods, which can significantly increase the speed of reading, the perception of the content of the text.People who own speed reading techniques, have a wide field of view, are able to read the material to filter, highlight it in the ground.And most importantly, can quickly find the desired information in the text.That is why is quite important to know what the technique of speed reading and how to master it in a short time.

Types reading

Before we talk about the art of reading and how to learn to read quickly, say a few words about the kinds of reading.Incidentally, we note that most of them - a way to speed reading.

psycholinguists and people involved in learning speed reading, identify several types of familiarization with the text.So, you can select an in-depth, fast, panoramic, sampling, as well as reading, viewing and reading the scan.

Let's briefly describe each of these species and analyze their characteristics.

  • For in-depth reading of the analyzed all the details, criticizes old, formulated conclusions.This is usually handled by the scientific literature.
  • Fast reading involves not only the speed of the process, but also an excellent reading comprehension.This includes familiarization with literature.
  • With panoramic reading technique is used expanding peripheral vision.That is the person who reads this way, covers the eyes rather large section of text, which greatly affects the speed.So you can study almost any book.
  • When selective reading handled only some parts of the text.It can be separate chapters, sections, paragraphs and even sentences.This kind of reading is used by students in preparing for exams.
  • Reading-view is typically used by specialists and students in the selection of a particular literature.Looking through the book - annotation, preface, table of contents, a man decides he needs it or not.
  • When reading-scan is performed faster browsing to find certain definitions, dates, names and surnames.

Next we will talk about how to quickly read and find out what programs we can help.But first, let's talk a little about the speed of reading and its parameters.

main components of reading speed

Before we discuss what method of speed reading, talk about the components of the speed of the process.In order to check the speed of reading, we must first be aware of them.

So, the formula for which is usually calculated reading speed, as follows:

  • V = Q x K: T.

Let's decipher each of these symbols.

  • Thus, V - the speed of reading, which is measured in characters per minute.
  • Letter Q indicates the total number of read characters or symbols in the text, depending on how you measure the speed of reading.If you measure off exactly one minute, two, three, read the text, you think only the number of characters read for a specified period.If you read the entire text, note the time for which familiarized with it, then you should count the number of characters throughout.
  • T is the time spent on reading the text.As already noted, it can be both fixed and the resulting full text processing.
  • The last component, without which it is quite difficult to calculate the speed of reading - K coefficient of understanding.Here we note that it is usually used in the program to check the required quantity.With self-checking reading at home can skip it.True, the results are not completely accurate

Standards reading speed

Before we talk about how fast to read and talk about what standards exist in this regard.On the basis of these data, you can determine whether you need to develop this skill, or your performance is quite high.

There are several speed reading.It is measured in characters, as this parameter is more objective than such measurements in words.

This is considered to be a very slow speed of 900 characters per minute.Slow is equal to 1200 characters per minute.Man reading 1500 characters per minute, at an average speed reading.Above average is considered to be 1800 characters.Fast reading means speed of 3,000 characters, very fast - 5000, and people who learn in a minute above 10,000 characters are considered to have mastered ultra-fast reading speed.

Check reading speed

Before talking about exercises that can help you dramatically improve the speed of reading, it is worth checking out.To do this, how to take advantage of special programs, and test it on their own, although it may not be entirely accurate.If you decide to use the second option, then you definitely need the help of someone from relatives or friends, text, stopwatch.

start with the fact that we take into the hands of an unfamiliar text, then please note the time for you to read it.Start reading.At the end you have to ask a couple of questions on the text.If you answer them, it's very good.If not - it is worse.By the way, note that the speed reading and memory development - two inseparable things.If you pretty quickly read and memorize read, neither of which speed reading is out of the question.

Then count the number of characters read in the text (you can do this by using the Word (Stats), highlight the desired interval).Then use the above formula and calculate our speed reading.Here we note that the coefficient of understanding is not considered.

Thus, you can determine for yourself, you should increase the speed of reading or not.

Why develop speed reading

main reason that should develop speed reading skills, - increasing the perception of information.We are constantly surrounded by a variety of posts, and quite important that we have time to time to perceive and memorize them.And if the perception of audio and visual information occurs quite quickly and develop this skill is almost impossible, the perception of text messages is pretty slow and depends on our reading speed.That is why the need to develop the skills of rapid reading, and this should be done not only for adults but also for children.And that's why speed reading for children - quite the right skills.

In addition, this process develops memory and attention.It is known that the more one reads, the more he is clever and development.And in order to read a lot, you need to be able to read quickly.

Note also that people are always seeking to acquire special skills that are inherent not all.So, speed reading also applies to them.Having mastered it, you can with a clear conscience to tell about their achievements to friends and acquaintances.

reasons for slow reading

  • First of all, the read speed depends on the human vocabulary.The smaller - the more difficult to master the text, as necessary to get to the heart of every new word.
  • Another reason why we slowly read - inattention.Surely, you do not just caught myself at how reread the same page several times.
  • pronunciation of lips readable text.Few people know, but reading a particular text, we make lips subtle articulation movement.This slows down the speed of reading.
  • Another reason for slow reading is a habit of coming back to have read the word or phrase.

These and many other things greatly reduces the ability to quickly learn speed reading.For children and adults, there are specific exercises that help to solve these problems.

techniques of the art of reading

If you want to master any method of speed reading, then you definitely need to know about the various techniques and methods that will help you significantly improve the perception of information.

In principle, each psycholinguist and an expert in this field develops its own method of teaching speed reading, focusing on a particular set of exercises.

most famous of them - a technique of fast reading Oleg Andreev, Andrey Spodina.

At the heart of all of them are some principles - and to expand the field of view angle of a man to teach him to avoid regressions articulation movements when reading, to develop memory and thinking, the ability to critically perceive and memorize the lyrics.

No matter whose technique you choose, the main thing - to make you easy and interesting for her to do.

Below we offer you the exercises that are the basis of almost every course on speed reading.

Exercises for development of speed reading

So, if we learn to read quickly, we need to do some exercises to help develop memory, attention and perception of reading.

If you want to develop your skills of speed reading, we recommend that you work on it every day.To do this, you need to devote to practice at least an hour of free time and do simple exercises, which we'll tell you right now.

  • reading the text, cover each read line blank sheet of paper.Instead of a sheet of paper, you can use a hand.The main thing - do not go back and do not open already read your lines.
  • work with tables Schulte, gradually widening the angle of view.By the way, the technique of speed reading also involves a wide angle of view.
  • reading, be sure to keep the index finger on his lips - this helps prevent articulation, ie the pronunciation of the text read lips.
  • not be distracted by extraneous sounds, try to read in silence and maximum focus on the text.
  • After reading retell currently read, check if all you remember or something has eluded you.

Establish special programs that help to quickly read the texts.So you can change the tempo of reading, gradually get used to it.Below we offer you some of these programs and let's talk a little bit about what technique of fast reading to children there.

Programme for the development of speed reading skills

We all understood that such a reading, its speed, remembered quite a few simple exercises that will help us improve its performance.Let us now look at the program for quick reading.Here are three of the most well-known and used.

  • Spritz program helps to quickly read the texts.You type in the desired piece and the speed with which the program reads it.Very good to check not only the speed of the reading, but also in record time to master the material.
  • second program - Psy games.This is a complex variety of exercises that will help expand the field of view, improve memory and attention, reaction.
  • Note also another set for improving reading skills - Speed ​​reading software.With it, you can also significantly tighten the reading speed.

teach children

speed reading last thing worth mentioning - speed reading training children.As we have said, this skill will be quite useful for the development of memory, attention, your son or daughter and for further education at school or university.

few tips for those who want to learn how to teach a child to read quickly.In order to teach children to read quickly, it is necessary first of all to show them that they can do it.This can be conduct the following experiment.Writing to read the text, and should limit the time to read one minute.Then count the number of words in the read part of the text and ask your child to read it again.Here again, note the time.The second time the text will be read faster, which means you will be able to prove the child, the more he reads, the more increases the speed of reading.

sure the child will question after reading about what he learned from the text.This will help teach reading is not only fast, but carefully.

note that any technique of fast reading to children will be interesting only if you try to interest the child, to engage with them in a playful way, without forcing to do something he does not want.


So, we are to understand what technique of speed reading and how important it is to master it.We found out what types of reading exist, what prevents us to read quickly and how to overcome these obstacles.We talked about how to teach a child to read, to develop his skills.

We hope our article has been helpful.