How to draw scorpion: Step by step instructions

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Despite the fact that these dangerous insects like scorpions, do not really like the majority of people, many dream to learn how to draw a pencil scorpion stages.Someone just wants to learn how to draw a little better, someone wants to give a picture made with their own hands.

What must be present in the picture?

In general, in appearance a bit like a scorpion cancer, but it has a completely different form the tail with a poisonous sting, which is located at the end.As with conventional cancer has claws and armor, as well as a number of small legs.Therefore, if you know what it looks like cancer, it will be easier to figure.Generally, in order to facilitate its task, you can search for photos that depict the scorpions.Pictures drawn also look quite simple (an example can be seen in this article), so it's not a problem.

How to Draw body and claws?

If you do not know how to draw a scorpion, you should remember that you should always start with the torso.To you get a beautiful and proportional figure, you need to identify yourself, will host an insect on a sheet of paper.To understand this you will help ordinary line that indicates where it will be in the future body.At the end of the line should be curved - it will be a tail with a stinger.Also held a perpendicular line, which then become claws.Only after you have done all this, you can begin to paint the body.How to draw scorpion, it is no longer such a difficult question, because you have outlined the main form and began their draws.Also dorisovyvat and claws, giving them form, but you should remember that they are scorpions are not too big and a little too narrow.

How to draw a shell?

Remember that and shell on the body and tail of a scorpion made up of segments, so they should draw the carefully enough.How to draw scorpion, so they look more realistic?Keep in mind that every picture must be as detailed, so stop this attention.Also draw a line that would separate the body from the head of the scorpion, because they have a real insect are separate segments.

last stage and the final result

First of all, you need to remove all of the items that should not spoil the picture.All the lines that you drew earlier, were created with a single purpose - to understand how to draw a scorpion.In addition, you will need to finish in the shell of an insect segmentiki of which is his body.Do not forget the claws.Be sure to check your drawing to zalyuchitelnym stage, if you find any defects, you will need to correct them, to get a beautiful and realistic picture.

Now you need to go to the coloring of your picture.Coloring scorpions is very different.But more often they are just black or dark.So if you just zatushuete insect pencil, you get a very effective pattern.Of course, if you are confident in their abilities and know exactly what you'll have to finish some details, then you can add to the picture the desert.After all, living in the wilderness most scorpions.

worth remembering that it is dangerous to draw an insect can not only pencils, but all that comes to you by the arm.Very often you can see the pictures of a scorpion, in the style of graffiti.It should be understood that the main thing - is not realistic figure, and his unusual.But to draw a beautiful scorpion graffiti, you must first learn how to portray it in pencil on paper.