Sulfuric acid and its use

Sulfuric acid is one of the best known and most common chemicals . The reason is primarily its pronounced properties.Its formula - H2SO4.This dibasic acid having a higher degree of sulfur oxidation 6.

Under ordinary conditions of sulfuric acid is a liquid with no odor and color, having oily properties.It is widely spread in the art and various industries.

At present this substance is one of the most important and most common chemical products.In nature, deposits of native sulfur across not as common as a rule, it is found only in compounds with other substances.Now develops production of various sulfur compounds, including a variety of industrial wastes.In some cases, even non-ferrous metal gases can be adjusted to obtain the various compounds and sulfur with it.


Sulfuric acid adversely affect any organic compounds.It takes water from them very quickly, so that the fabric and different compounds begin to char.100% acid is one of the strongest, and the compound does not smoke and does not attack ferrous metals.

diluted sulfuric acid reacts with any metals other than lead.In concentrated form, many of the elements begins to oxidize.

use of sulfuric acid

mainly sulfuric acid used in the chemical industry, where it is based produce nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, including superphosphate, which is currently considered to be one of the most common fertilizers.Annually produce several million tons of the substance.

In metallrugii H2SO4 is used to check the quality of the products.When rolled steel microcracks may occur in order to detect them, the item is placed in the lead bath and etched 25% solution of acid.After that, even the tiniest cracks can be seen with the naked eye.

before plating on the metal it is necessary to pre-prepare - to clean and degrease.Since the sulfuric acid reacts with the metal, it dissolves the thin layer, and with it removes any traces of dirt.In addition, the metal surface becomes more rough, which is better suited for the application of nickel, chromium or copper plating.

Sulfuric acid is used in the processing of some ores, it is also a significant amount required in the oil industry, where it is mainly used to clean a variety of products.It is often used in the chemical industry, which is constantly evolving.As a result, additional features are found and means of application.This material can be used for the production of lead-acid supply - various batteries.

sulfuric acid

main raw materials for acid and sulfur are different compounds based on it.Moreover, as already mentioned, it is developing the use of industrial waste to produce sulfur.In the oxidative roasting of sulphide ores exhaust gases contain SO2.Its fit to produce sulfuric acid.While Russia continues to occupy the leading position in the production based on the processing of pyrites, which is burned in furnaces.While blowing hot air through the pair of pyrites formed with high SO2 content.To remove impurities and other hazardous vapors electrostatic used.Now widely used in the production of different methods of producing acid, and many of them are associated with the processing of waste, although a high proportion of traditional industries.