Prepare pie with canned fish and rice

The well-known Russian proverb says that every hut corners is not red, and pies.It speaks of hospitality.Every housewife is always well prepared for the arrival of guests.But it happens that the guests on the threshold appeared suddenly, and then you have to show ingenuity and imagination to please all the tasty treats.In such cases, always help pie with canned fish and rice.In contrast, fresh fish, canned food is completely suitable for human consumption, and they do not need a long preparation.Rice boiled quickly, and you can use your dough or ready-made from a store.

Fish pie with puff pastry

Layer Cake with canned fish is baked very quickly, especially if the dough is ready.We need any canned fish, preferably with oil, a glass of boiled rice, medium-sized onion, carrot, bay leaf, pepper black pepper (to taste), a tablespoon of butter and a kilogram of dough.

preparation technology

dough is taken out of the freezer and give it thawed.At this time you need to finely grate the fresh carrots.Canned lay in a bowl and mash with a fork carefully.Onions clean and wash under cold water and finely chop.Then add the cooked rice and mix all of the products.If the dough unfreeze, divide it into two equal parts.Each portion was gently rolled in one direction.Grease the pan with oil and put in any first layer of dough.Top laid our stuffing, pepper, add bay leaf and pieces of butter.Close all the second layer of dough, tips zaschipyvaem and send in the oven.It needs to be preheated to 190 degrees, and the pie with canned fish and rice will be baked for 25-30 minutes.Then he was taken out, gently coated with whipped egg yolks and then send in the oven for a few minutes.Take out and give a little stand.Cut into portions and serve guests.

canned fish pie with a filling test

Priming pie with canned fish cooked very quickly.If the house did not have any ready-test, and treats you need to cook quickly, it is necessary to use a filling.For the dough will need one egg, a cup of yogurt, about two tablespoons of mayonnaise, a pinch of salt, a little soda, slaked with citric acid, a cup of flour.

Cooking fish pie with a filling test

In a bowl, preferably ceramic, whisk the egg as long as it does not double.Then you need to add yogurt and mayonnaise.Again, all mix and add other products.Tests on his consistency should resemble cream.Priming pie with canned fish is characterized in that the dough is not necessary to stack layers on top and bottom, and all the stuffing abundantly poured the liquid mass.The stuffing is prepared from canned food (one bank), eggs (three pieces), bulb onion (one average head), half cup of cooked rice.Adding a little bit of ground pepper, bay leaf.Boiled eggs are clean and finely chop.Put the fish in a bowl and mash fork.Onions finely cut.All the mix.At the bottom of the form, or pan, greased thoroughly any oil and lightly sprinkled with semolina, spread a little test.Top add our stuffing, then broken bay leaf, pepper.On top lay out the rest of the dough.We give a little to stand up to it well laid down in the form.Then, in the oven, which must be heated to 180-190 degrees, we send our jellied cake with canned fish.Bake 25-30 minutes and take out.Beat a couple eggs and grease crust.All we sprinkle with breadcrumbs and then put in the oven 5 minutes to get and give a stand for several minutes.Cut into portions pieces and served to guests.

fish pie hastily

There are a lot of recipes on how to prepare a quick and tasty cake.To prepare the filling pie with canned fish, we need the batter, but for a simple grandmother's cake and sour suit without yeast, which is done very quickly.We need: a pair of eggs, yogurt (half a liter), a little sugar and a little salt, baking dough, flour (dough will take much).Beat the eggs in a bowl and gradually add yogurt.Next, put the sugar and salt.You must add the baking powder with the flour.All we mix well.The dough should have a uniform, and on density - both in the pancakes.This simple pie with canned fish prepared quickly, but it turns out very tender and delicious.His whole trick is that the filling does not fit all of the products, and layers.Take a fish in a bowl and fork Mnemonic, to add chopped boiled eggs (a few pieces), and chopped and toasted onion, turnip.Separately, in another bowl, mix half a cup of cooked rice with chopped fried onions and egg.Laid on a baking layer of dough, then stuffed fish, a layer of dough stuffed with rice and the top layer over the dough, sprinkle with grated cheese and breadcrumbs.Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes.Take out and give a little bit to go.Cut into pieces, served at the table.