Drugs, tobacco, and alcohol

Smoking I will, but do not give up drinking.

Why quit smoking?Someone feels adults, lighting a cigarette?Some people enjoy the process?Soon, the man has a brutal dependency on tobacco, and live without it can not?Tobacco is slowly killing the person.The dependence of the people is not only on tobacco.Alcoholics are not born an alcoholic, and had no relationship right from the first drink.First, alcohol would raise the mood, or simply poured the mountain, and then to live without vodka can no longer, with alcoholics, we do not consider myself.

In our society, 60% of smokers and alcoholics.In terms of drug treatment, one who twice a month takes alcohol, considered to be an alcoholic.Society, consisting of smokers and alcoholics, considers himself sane, but do not consider themselves alcoholics.These sensible, publish and make conflicting laws.For example: Driving a car with no seat belt strapped punishable by a fine, with fines rising fiercely.At first glance it may seem that someone forcibly cares about my health?Then why is no one to take care, in the same manner for the poor and hungry, their life is really in danger?Why is no one to take care of that year only in Russia die from alcohol 700,000 people?

Sensible brutally visit the addicts in our society of 6%.Let's call things by their proper names.Referring to the dictionary.Q: What is a drug?Answer: "drugs are everything from what a person has a physical and psychological dependence."It turns out that tea, coffee, and other products on which a person has a dependency, is a drug?Well, if we're all addicts, lets proceed with these drugs, and divide them into safe and unsafe products.I do not need to say what drugs are dangerous, but even tea and coffee, which some people are addictive, be dangerous to human health.

When my mother died, she was in '51.She was a very kind person could forgive everyone and everything.She was buried not only the people, all watchdogs with neighborhood gathered on the day of her funeral.When played a funeral march, the dogs howl in unison raised, as many creeps ran.Dogs come with it simply because they love her, and she could not get past them, not feeding the hungry.Today, it would be fulfilled 67 years, and she is not, she died of alcohol.My father, who graduated from two universities, 45 years old, decommissioned from the armed forces to retire, worried about early retirement, and died from alcohol.

How many families destroyed alcohol, how much grief brought?No one alcoholic fines as a traffic cop for not buckled belt.96% of people in prison for crimes committed sit in alcoholic intoxication.It turns out if they do not drink, they would not be sitting in jail?

human nature took 120 years of life.60% of people live half as long as for alcohol and tobacco.

Why nobody recognizes alcohol and tobacco are dangerous drugs and does not impose a ban on them?Why Duma persist in trying to impose on us, that in Russia it is necessary to adopt a law on the legalization of firearms?Why is there, in the Duma, no one can understand that alcohol is not a firearm is dangerous.I can not understand how, in the Duma, passed some people who do not understand these simple things?Or is it the enemy of society, or are they just stupid?If this is the enemy, then everything is clear?If this is foolish, then where company made a mistake by selecting them on the post of the head?Or maybe it's a third option, ORDER?

What order?Let's say I have access to a huge number of weapons.No war is a simple iron weapons.To implement this iron I need somewhere to ignite a war.Today, war, wherever possible, but not enough for me, I make the order.Bribes for huge money of those people who has the ability to promote a law on the legalization of weapons.Today these people are foaming at the mouth screaming that we in Russia need to be armed.Lord!Do not do this, you have forgotten about God's Law, we all come back like a boomerang action, but twice as strong.If you shoot someone, you have to shoot twice - it's the law of nature.Is it for the money you are ready to shoot one - another?