How to choose a gift for the wedding of the cotton

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about when to celebrate the wedding of calico, Russian and Western European traditions are not agreed.We "walk" on her first year of marriage, and "over the hill" - in the second.In any case, the couple called guests, congratulate each other.And there is the burning question: "What give as a present?ยป

endows with meaning

What should be present on the cotton wedding?Family young, especially the economy has not yet acquired, because any useful things will be the way, for example, good bedding.Elegant sets of bright, beautiful colors, with embroidery or lace inserts will like and hostess celebrations, and its strong half.Just try to choose fabrics from natural raw materials.Chintz, linen sheets and pillowcases - is not the perfect gift for the cotton wedding?No less will be glad to heroes of the festivities other home textile.Curtains, drapes, sets of kitchen and bath towels, bedspreads, blankets, bathrobes - a lot of options.If you wish, invited and will be able to buy for himself on the occasion of a lot of really valuable and necessary items for the Development of life.The same can be said about the tablecloth holidays and every day, with a selection of cloth napkins, oven gloves and mittens, flirty aprons, in which the young wife will look very attractive to her beloved husband.Any of these items - a pleasant and useful gift to the cotton wedding.And do not forget about such trifles as handkerchiefs.They are also suitable as souvenirs with practical application.Especially if donors vyshyut initials on them a couple or original sayings about love, good wishes, and so on. D. In general, everything connected with fabrics, materials can be regarded as a great gift for the cotton wedding.

Family congratulations

clear that greet with the first anniversary of the husband and wife can not only invited, but they do.Lovely Present on this occasion - morning coffee with a dough pastries and something tasty after a pleasant, gentle awakening.Start the day with a kiss, turning into something more - is not a gift to his wife on a cotton wedding a passionate spouse?And she, of course, does not remain in debt!Please yourself, and so you can: go to another honeymoon.More precisely, in romantic.The first joint, when the passion and attraction to each other has not changed even a friendly attitude to such a very relaxing.Come up and going to the cinema, cafe, night bar.In general, highlight the first anniversary of the daily series of everyday life!

Let there be laughter!

What we're all about so serious about serious?It is presented and fun gifts for the cotton wedding!Which ones?For example, cloth diapers on the chintz-undershirts future heirs and pot it is, rattles, pacifiers.Or doll-PUPS great to train kids to swaddle.Give young couples cabbage - let fortune told, boy or girl they will be the first.Or maybe twins?Give medals - for the valiant attempt to fight for the championship on the family front.Fantasia, a word, you can be in every one, it would be fun and funny!

Good luck and happy holiday!