How to make a gift certificate

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Under the contract of donation can be donated to the property of another person, any movable and immovable property.It can be a car, apartment, land, and others. However, not always easy to transfer the property to another person, often a need to consolidate the legal fact of the transaction and transfer of ownership.In this regard, you need to know how to make a gift certificate, which is necessary to collect the documents for this.

contract of gift shall be in writing.He must comply with the requirements of the legislation.Otherwise, he may be declared invalid, and it will entail the cancellation of the transaction.The presenter and the donee sign the contract after its publication.

it necessary to apply to a notary?How to correct the deed?

Consult your lawyer is not required.But to make sure the document correctly, better to turn to, or legal advice.

If the object of donation in favor of movable property, it will be enough simply to conclude a contract, and if the property - has made the state registration (only after this transfer of ownership).

How to make a gift certificate, which documents need to provide?

  • statement on both sides of the state registration.It may be filed by their representatives by proxy, notarized;
  • identity document (passport);
  • document confirming payment of state duty for state registration;
  • donation contract in 3 copies;
  • for residential premises - an act of acceptance and transfer and the plan (original and copy), certified accounting organization of real estate;
  • other documents that may be needed (depending on the property that is the subject of donation).

When making a donation will be taxed at a rate of 13% of the value of the transferred property.Exception: if the donor and bestow - the representatives of one family or close relatives.In this case, the tax paid is not necessary.

How to make a gift certificate for an apartment?

To do this, in addition to the above documents to provide:

  • document which confirms the ownership of the donor to the apartment;
  • apartments cadastral passport (issued in BTI);
  • consent of the spouse, if any (notarized);
  • certificate containing information on persons registered in the apartment;
  • help received in the Bureau of Technical Inventory, to estimate apartment.

When making the apartment is desirable that the donation contract drawn up with the participation of a notary, as in the case of loss of the document, you can get a copy of it.

How to deed to the house?

treaty also be made in writing without ever involving a notary.The list of required documents may be adjusted depending on the situation, but in general, similar to the one that is needed for registration of the apartment.After making a dedication to her house, must be registered in the registration office.

How to make a gift certificate for a car?

To make a donation of a vehicle, it must be removed from the register in the traffic police.Then draw up a contract, preferably with the participation of a notary in order to avoid mistakes in its drafting, which may lead to challenging document.After that bestowed shall register a motor vehicle in the traffic police.Contract car donation can be carried out not only the owner, but also any other person who has a general power of attorney.Such power of attorney shall be issued for a period of not more than 3 years and may also be framed in a simple written form or notarized.In order to avoid unnecessary delays to donation, better to use the second method.