Potassium nitrate and its application

Many familiar substances that we often use in everyday life, have certain scientific name.In particular this applies to chemicals.All of them are the result of specific reactions, in plants, the conditions for mass production.This includes potassium nitrate, which can be considered quite popular and widely used material.

She has many names - potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate, but most of it is known as potassium nitrate.This is a technical name used in the scientific community and various industrial sectors.

main scope of this substance is agriculture.This is one of the best and most well-known fertilizer that only you can find now.Potassium nitrate is a binary compound fertilizer, which can be used for a variety of soils and crops.Very often nitrate used for growing crops that have increased sensitivity to chlorine.These include tobacco, flax, grapes and potatoes.All this is quite popular and common crops.

composition of the substance:

  • N (Nitrogen) - 13%
  • K (Potassium) - 46%

This two substances, of which the potassium nitrate formula - KNO3.

Features of

Among these common fertilizer like potassium nitrate, commonly use is not limited by strict rules.And it is one of the major pluses.However, some features still available.

saltpeter, first of all, should act on the root system.Feeding occur with a frequency of 1 every 10-15 days.However, there is also a method of foliar application, in this case there is a special solution foliar 1.5-2%.At the stage of the growing season it is recommended 2 to 4 sprayings.

on small trees and shrubs usually takes 1.5-3 liters of solution, and a mature tree can take up to 8 liters.Vegetable and fruit plants, such as strawberries, need about 1-1.5 liters of solution per 10 square meters.meters.

Effect of

Potassium nitrate - nitrogen-potassium fertilizer, which gives very effective results at different fertilizing plants and crops: vegetables, flowers, fruit and ornamental.

Potassium nitrate is particularly well strengthens the root system and increase its suction force.In fact, the chemical builds all the basic functions of plants: nutrition, respiration and photosynthesis.All this generally leads to the strengthening and improvement of the whole plant, the state of his tissues is markedly improved.The plant is able to better adapt to environmental conditions and can survive even relatively long periods of bad weather.

Another effect which manages to achieve - is to increase the content of nitrogen and potassium in plant tissues.These two elements directly affect the appearance of not only plants but also its fruit.They are more attractive, reduced cracking and other damage, and also the yield becomes higher.

is especially true for such crops as potatoes and cabbage.In this case, the appearance of root is a very important parameter.Typically hilling dressing occurs at these plants.It is necessary to avoid large amounts of nitrogen, potassium nitrate has the necessary advantage compared with other popular fertilizers - nitrogen contained here is 3.5 times less than that of potassium.

All this makes the scope of the nitrate is very broad.It has excellent properties, has no particular limitation in the use of rather simple to use.With the right approach can yield very impressive results in the cultivation of various crops.