How to calculate the hospital in 2011

allowance for sick leave this year paid for the first three days at the expense of the enterprise, and the 4th day the payment is made at the expense of the FSS.Paid sick leave to all places of work of the employee, or one place of work, taking into account payment from all other places.From the first day of sick leave payment is made by the FSS in the case of caring for a sick child, another family member, in the case of quarantine, the need for further treatment in a sanatorium after hospital treatment, prosthetics for medical reasons in a hospital.

settlement period for the calculation of sick leave taken for the two preceding calendar years.

bookkeeper is important to know how to calculate the medical certificate that should be taken as the basis for calculating the average daily earnings.To do this, consider all accrued employee over the past two years, before the insured event, from which the insurance contributions to the Social Insurance Fund for all policyholders.Therefore, when changing jobs accounting is entitled to request a certificate from the previous place of your work.The sum of all charges divided by 730 days and the average daily wage is obtained, which is multiplied by a coefficient and then by the number of calendar days in sick leave.But there is a limit on the amount for the year, it does not exceed 415,000 rubles.

accountant should know how to calculate the hospital depending on the length of insurance payments.This conversion factor depends on the length of service.If the insurance payments for 8 years and more, the benefit is paid - 100%.When insurance payments length is from 5 to 8 years-80%.If the insurance period is from 6 months to 5 years, then pay only 60%.If you have insurance period is less than six months, the calculation is the minimum wage for a full calendar month.

Since 2011, paid temporary disability benefits to terminated employees for 30 days from the date of termination of employment, regardless of the time at a rate of 60%.

should remember that we must not only know how to calculate the hospital, but that designate the payment of sick leave only for six months from the day of rehabilitation.

And how to calculate sick leave, if the employee had no earnings in the past two years, was on leave to care for a child, or his average earnings appeared below the minimum wage?In these cases, it is necessary to take into account the minimum wage on the date of disability, established by federal law.In the case where the employee works part-time or part-time average earnings calculated in proportion to the time worked.

average daily earnings in such cases is calculated as follows.SMIC (4330 rubles) * 24mes: 730 days = 142.36 rubles.Then 142.36 rubles multiplied by the number of calendar days in the hospital sheet.If necessary, use regional coefficient or coefficient of part-time work.

How to calculate the hospital to care for a child?During hospitalization baby calculation is performed according to pensionable service.And in outpatient treatment for the first 10 days of pay, depending on the Guardian's work, and to take 11 days only 50% of average earnings.

In 2011, when the disease occurred during the downtime of the enterprise, sick leave is not paid.If the disability began before and continued period of inactivity, the payment takes place on a common basis in the case of pay.

knowledge on how to calculate the hospital, will be useful to everyone.Important dates to remember for the calculation of disability benefits to avoid misunderstandings and disputes with the company accountant.Timely help bring a previous job if necessary.After all, in the absence thereof, the accountant is entitled to carry out calculations on the basis of the minimum wage, which will significantly reduce the amount of payment.