How to cook potato wedges in multivarka?

potato wedges in multivarka can cook with mushrooms, bacon, meat, sausages and other ingredients.In any case, this dish will turn out very hearty and tasty.Serve it recommended for dinner with sauce, greens and sour cream, and homemade pickles or lecho.

Step by step recipe potato in a rural way in multivarka

This method of cooking fried vegetables is the easiest, but not less tasty.This dish can be made even when other than potatoes you do not have in stock no meat, sausage or mushrooms.

So, to prepare a delicious and hearty lunch, we need:

  • fresh butter - 60 g;
  • potato tubers are small (it is desirable to acquire young) - 6-8 pcs .;
  • largest fresh carrots - 2 pcs .;
  • bulb white onions - 3 heads;
  • medium-sized salt, allspice, a mixture of aromatic spices - add in its sole discretion;
  • oil odorless - 25-35 ml;
  • fresh herbs (onions, leeks, parsley, dill), sour cream, sauce and so on. - To supply to the table.

Preparation products

Before cook potato wedges in multivarka should carefully hand

le each acquisition vegetable.To do this, a large clean fresh carrots and white onions.Next, you want to chop them not very thick slices and rings.Thereafter follows a well-washed potato tubers (with iron brush), and then cut them lengthwise into quarters not peeled.

to potato wedges in multivarka get the most delicious and fragrant, before baking all the vegetables should be connected to the container, and then generously flavor table salt, a mixture of spices and allspice.

Heat treatment courses

Once the vegetables are processed in the bowl of the kitchen unit must be put little oil and butter, then melt them well in baking mode.Further, the container should be prepared to pour 1/3 ingredients, mix them thoroughly and baked in the same program within 45 minutes.And every quarter of an hour is required to turn the vegetables with a spoon so they are evenly browned on all sides.For this reason, potatoes and other vegetables should bake parts.

correct Serve

After multivarka emits a signal of completion of the program, the dish should be put on a plate, flavor with sour cream sauce and fresh herbs, and then the hot present at the table, along with savory tomatoes and cucumbers.Bon Appetit!

Tasty baked potato wedges with sausages

To prepare this dish, it is desirable to use a fatty beef sausages.But if you have purchased a conventional dairy sausages, during baking potatoes to it it recommended further add lard.

Thus, to create a delicious and hearty lunch, we need:

  • round potato is not very large in size - 6 pcs .;
  • lard (salted or smoked) - 50 g;
  • sausage meat - 4 pcs .;
  • fresh herbs, salt, pepper and other spices - add to taste;
  • onion sweet onion - 3 heads.

processing ingredients

Hardly anyone will refuse to try a delicious dish, like baked potato wedges in multivarka with cracklings.If you want to pamper your family meal data, you only need to follow the recipe.

So, for making this dinner is necessary to clean the tubers of potatoes and onion onions, then cut them into quarters and half rings, respectively.You should also not very finely chop salted or smoked bacon.

cooked meals multivarka

Once all the components are processed, you should immediately begin preparation calories.It requires to put lard in a bowl and a little device to melt it in the mode of cooking.When fat completely cover the surface of the container, it is necessary to place the potatoes with onions and then install the baking and cook for half an hour.And every 10 minutes, the ingredients should be mixed thoroughly.After this time, the potatoes need to flavor with salt, pepper or other spices, and put him meat sausage, shredded on the circles.In this part of the dish should be kept under the same conditions for 10 minutes, then pour the chopped herbs, mix well and spread on plates in portions.

How supplied vegetables to the table?

Baked potatoes multivarka, the recipe of which we examined above, should be presented to the table hot with minced garlic, tomato sauce, sour cream, wheat bread and other ingredients that make dinner a hearty and tasty.Bon Appetit!