How to fry the seeds in a microwave oven - a quick and tasty

Seeds - a great product, which provides a sufficiently large number of vegetable fat and vitamins.Did you know that 33% of Russia's population lack of these nutrients?The fact that the seeds are needed in certain quantities to each person, there can be no doubt.People who regularly use them, are aging more slowly, to the same core reduce cholesterol in plasma.If the taste of the product you do not like, you can easily improve it as roast seeds in the microwave is very simple.What action

core have on the body?

losing weight is useful to know the people, that they muffle appetite, and there are even some diets that prescribe from time to time they bite.Seeds supply the body with essential fats, which means that people in addition to them, can only eat Lenten food and still be perfectly healthy.

The nuclei are concentrated many of the food protein that is required for each.And besides him, it contains carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.If you're trying to conduct a correct way of life, pay a

ttention to the seeds.They must include in your diet.Just below, we discuss how to fry the seeds in the microwave.We have heard information about a nun who settled on the island away from the people.It is for a very long time ate only one seed and at the same time feel good.Why

core needed for a full life?

Let's take a closer look useful trace elements contained in them.This primarily iron and iodine.In addition, they contain magnesium, relieving vessels of toxins and has a beneficial effect on the heart.Seeds is recommended to use mainly in the winter.One handful is enough to provide the body with minerals and vitamins.You have unstable mood?The disease of the nervous system?Eat the seeds, because they are rich in folic acid and vitamin B6, which you really need.

Not everyone knows that the nuclei have a truly wonderful effect is not the nervous system: the man becomes more calm and balanced.If you have a stressful job, reinforced by them during the day.It is interesting to know that the seeds can easily replace a cigarette.Many smokers have got rid thus from their bad habits.

like wildfire seeds in the microwave

secret of the popularity of these small grains is that they help people to calm down and relax.Many people like to click them while watching a movie or communication.People are attracted primarily by their taste.But what if you brought out of the store seeds do not meet your expectations?There is a solution: you can fry them, and then they will be guaranteed to be delicious.A few years ago, many of them prepared in a frying pan or in the oven, but today it can be done much faster and easier: come to the aid of a microwave.

Step № 1. My seeds

from contact with the dark pigment, which is located directly on the grains, the skin can sometimes painted in black, and it would certainly not like you.It is also the presence of dust.Therefore, before you fry the seeds in the microwave, they need to be cleaned.Of course, you would require a strainer, which is desirable to find a good time.When all is done, shake the seeds with water drops and leave them for a while, let them dry.There is a small trick: to dry the grain quickly wrap them in a towel.Soon it will absorb the remaining water.

Step № 2. Select the plate

To prepare the seeds need to fireproof dish made of ceramic or glass.Desirably, it had no gold.Well, if you have a special dish for the microwave.If it is a fairly large and flat - it's all fine as roast seeds in the microwave it will be very convenient: you can spread them thinly.The less you take the nucleolus, the better they fry.

Step № 3. Season with salt grains

seeds must be washed sprinkle with oil, and then a little salt.Then they should stop spoon.This is to ensure that the salt has got all the seeds.This procedure guarantees a wonderful taste of beans.In no case do not give up the use of vegetable oil, salt otherwise just focus on the bottom.However, if desired, you can instead use the salt water, but in this case the taste is less pronounced.But some specially prepared fresh seeds.Well, they have a right, if they like.

Step № 4. Fry grain

microwave should be put on the greatest power.If you are wondering about how much roast seeds in the microwave, then you should know that it will take 90 seconds.They were then shaken or interfere spoon then close some crockery on.Further it is necessary to operate the oven for another 60 seconds.Note: power must now be average.

After time again interfere with seeds, then once again pose for 60 seconds.Now you need to eat a couple of grains.If you think that they still taste good, turn on the oven for a further minute.Only in any case not cook beans without a break for a few minutes, and even at full power, so how to cook the seeds in the microwave so that you will not work - they just turn black or even burn down.

Stage № 5. We leave to cool

After turning off the microwave should not be just to get out of her grain.Let them stand up for another 10-15 minutes.

Now you know how to fry the seeds in the microwave.If you did everything correctly, you should get a tasty grain.Bon Appetit!