How to ride the mechanics and what are its advantages?

Today, the car has become an indispensable attribute of modern life, without which the majority of successful people who can not imagine moving to a large city, making business meetings and negotiations.In this regard, the majority of people are seeking as soon as possible to get a driver's license and learn to drive a car.That is why as soon as you should pay attention to the fact that the practical driving important to learn to drive a car with a manual transmission, so as you can become a professional driver and really feel the iron horse.How to ride the mechanics and how does it differ from the "machine"?This is what we will talk today.

First of all, you should briefly describe anyone who is not familiar with the device of a vehicle for which there is a gearbox and what how it works?Crankshaft motor transmits rotary motion to the wheels not directly, but through a series of complex devices, including via a clutch mechanism.There are several different sizes of gears, which allows the engine to operate in the optimal mode when driving a car.At squeezing of a pedal of coupling occurs connector clutch you change gears through the gearbox and then the gears are in a different position and the car enters a different mode of driving.

all newcomers who think how to ride a mechanic, you must first examine the scheme of inclusion of transfers, after which achieve the ability to shift gears with ease.To do this, you can practice sitting behind the wheel of the car, however, setting the stage for it.In addition, each driver shall ensure synchronicity of their movements when squeezing the gas pedal and the clutch pedal is released smoothly.In no case should not abruptly let him go, because in this case the car sharply jerks and stops.That is why these exercises should be given enough attention, then the question of how to properly ride the mechanics without jerks, you will not have to torture.

advantages of using a manual transmission is that you are the driver of the car, you can choose the mode of operation of the motor, which is required in each situation.Thus, it is possible not only to achieve a neat and economical driving, but also to learn saves wear on the engine.In this way your engine for many years will serve you faithfully, while remaining a reliable partner in any situation.

However, in order to learn it, you need to wind a lot of kilometers on the car, as in this case plays an important role driving experience.Oddly enough, but some drivers with great experience and do not know how to ride on the mechanics right, selecting the operating mode of the engine.This leads to increased wear of parts, as well as failure of the main engine components.To be on - truly competent driver should learn to do things right the first time, achieving a clear implementation of all movements of arms and legs.

should also remember a few simple rules that will not only help you in the car driving, but will also contribute to greater safety on the road.At roundabouts, as well as try to maneuver to move to a lower gear, because then you can quickly make the maneuver in case of emergency.In the future, train yourself to not to look at the tachometer to determine the need for changing gear and catch it by the sound of the motor.Over time you will learn it "hear" and how to ride a mechanic, will cease to be a difficult issue for you.

Summarizing all the above, it should also be advised to never take the time behind the wheel.Remember that road safety is most important, so you should always drive the car carefully.In addition, it should be polite to other drivers and follow the rules of the road.Now you know everything you need, and the question of how to learn to ride on the mechanics already will lie only in the field of practical skills.

Good luck on the road!