We sew the dress style dandies

dresses in the style of mods - a detachable waist model with tight top and full skirt below.This beautiful dress can go to any celebration or just a walk around the city on a warm summer day.After all, this style is suitable for a wide variety of shapes and physique.Moreover, the fashion party in retro style is constantly growing.Wedding ceremony, rock 'n' Roll party often require compliance with this particular stilyazhnogo trends in fashion.

But how to sew a dress in the style of mods?To create this, we need the dress knitted fabric, tulle or any other tissue, holding form for the lower skirt, a hidden zipper and elastic underwear.

save on the number of the fabric when sewing luxury dresses will fail.For models with a long skirt 60 cm need 2.5 meters of knitted fabric with a width of 1, 5 meters and the same fabric lining.

now proceed to the pattern.For this shear pins or adhesive tape several sheets of drawing paper.Next draw on them two semicircles each other.The first radius of 73.5 cm, and the second - 13.5.This will be our top pattern skirt.For the lower skirt on a piece of drawing paper and drawn one in the other quarters of a circle.In this case, the size of the smaller radius is 30 cm, and more than 90 cm. The parts cut out.Each of them is half of the pattern of the upper and lower skirt simultaneously.

perform cut top.To construct patterns take knitting shirt, which sits in the "oblipku" on the figure.Dresses in the style of mods have been exposed shoulders or neckline, so we need to work fairly closed shirt.In addition, the lower part of the fee to get a large enough compared to the top.Thus, the shoulder seams are always good to keep order in the figure.Jersey Fold in half lengthwise and draw out its contour, and then postpone shirt aside.Now, from the very top of the shoulder seam postpone bushel equal to the distance from the shoulder seam to the waist.This distance must be measured over the highest point of the chest.Through the data points the perpendicular, cut.The resulting pattern is the basis for the shelves and the back of the product.

pattern is then transferred onto the fabric and cut.The main thing - not to mix upper and lower skirt.To do this, we mark the pattern pieces, which is what part.When cutting, we obtained two pieces of knitted fabric, together constituting skirt sun shelf and back, and two of the lower skirt polusolntse.

From the rest of the knitted fabric cut out two rectangles and a half meters long and 20 cm wide. It will be a dress belt style mods.The remaining tulle and cut into rectangles and a half meters in length, but the width of 25 cm. These elements will form the basis for a petticoat ruffles.From tulle should have 6 of these rectangles.

Now you can start sewing.First, carry out lateral and shoulder seams, stitching and the back shelf.At the same time the left side leaving a small incision on the side seam zippers Blind.After processing the neck and armhole.Next, go to the top, making the skirt.To do this on the side seams sostrachivaem items received, also leaving a small cut on the left side at the top of the skirt zipper.The bottom of the handle.Then, perform the waist line with a minimum tension of the lower thread and prisobiraem skirt to the width of the waist.Then sew the top and bottom of the dress, stitch zipper.

're petticoat to make the dress in the style of mods will be sewn.First, carry out the side seams, sew along the top gum.To do frills place with minimal tension on the bottom line of each of the rectangles, top prisobiraem.Now we sew 2 rows of ruffles.The first 20 cm from the bottom of the skirt, the other at a distance of 40 cm. The obtained knitted rectangles carry belt.Now, a new dress, you can wear and carry.

should be noted that for sewing dresses in the style dandies with open shoulders should be chosen netyanuschiesya dense fabric and strictly follow the pattern of the corset.But such work is quite difficult for those who do not have steady skills in sewing.