Abstraction - an amazing view of the world

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Amazing, fantastic, absolutely extraordinary abstraction - it is a real discovery for those who do not accept the traditional and conventional views of the world.For it can not be treated in two ways, or indifferent.She fall in love with at first sight and remain forever misunderstood.Abstract schedule breaks all the possible stereotypes and the laws of physics, literally "blowing up" the existing framework of reality.When you look at any picture or a sketch in this incredible style, if you dissolve in a parallel universe with very different notions of space, time and harmony.This is the brightest rebel - abstraction.

It is a style that from the first moments of its appearance in this reality has been the subject of noisy disputes of fierce criticism, mixed with genuine admiration.This young branch of the fine arts in its history acquired thousands, if not millions of fans.Abstract painting is often shocking, shocking, excite, but rarely go unnoticed.In modern art it with dignity, but without pathos, takes its extensive niche.

How did the abstraction?This "non-objective" (as it is called) art emerged at the dawn of the last century.Its main ideology was an absolute rejection of the image of what a man can be seen in everyday life.In the paintings of abstract artists straight lines are combined with colored spots, the scope of the flat woven pieces."Godfathers" of abstract art can be considered as Kandinsky, Mondrian and certainly Malevich.

incredible courage and even daring paintings attracted to this course of painting is very close attention.Already in the late 30s in America, created a museum of works of figurative art.Start of the Second World War gave rise to the "relocation" of abstract art in America.That's where this trend is not just growing, it is experiencing a real "boom".It beginning to invest a lot of money, it is widely used and supported by advertising campaigns of various brands.

Today abstraction - is the ability to clearly express themselves, to show the world the author's view of things and the universe.As ever popular painting, sculpture and graphics pointless.Do I have to wonder why the fact that this style is performed even tattoos.Abstract if found its second wind.Fancy pictures on the human body - not just a desire to attract attention.They are often the carriers of protest or the other way around, surprisingly light and positive perception of reality.Abstraction - an unusual but surprisingly effective way to talk about why it is difficult to find the words and comparisons.

significant role in reviving the popularity of abstract art has played and the emergence of new computer technologies.They make absolutely stunning, multi-dimensional shapes and patterns.However, with the creation of human genius are difficult to compare.What was created by the artist's brush, able to charm, make people think and perceive the reality is quite different.