In high-rise buildings people age faster

theory of relativity states that time for all calculated differently depending on the acceleration imparted to the object under study.As a result, the clock, are on the move, going a little more slowly than those that are immobile.

¬ęTwin Paradox" - a thought experiment associated with the theory of relativity, in which one of the twins makes a hypothetical journey through the universe, traveling at the speed of light.Upon returning to Earth the first brother is found that twin stays at home, much older than her brother returned.

Using atomic clocks failed to prove that the force of Earth's gravity slows down over time.This was discovered by comparing the real-time readings of clocks on Earth and those that were placed on the spacecraft and orbiting satellites used in the navigation systems GPS.

at facilities located on the surface of the Earth, the force due to gravity is affected to a greater extent than the one that is in the atmosphere.Researchers have shown that if the clock is raised above the ground only 30 cm, they are a bit slow its course.

second experiment proves the theory of relativity on the example of the aluminum atoms in which time is measured in atomic clocks, which are considered the finest in the world.

principle of operation of this watch is based on the amount of natural oscillations of the atoms as they move from one energy state to another.One second is equal to 9,192,631,770 periods of electromagnetic radiation.

Confirming predictions of Einstein, it was found that the hours that are in motion, go slowly.

order not to create panic among the people living on the upper floors, the scientists assure that the length of human life in 80 years, this delay is equal to the length of time a little less than a second.

Modern skyscrapers Modern skyscrapers

will take quite some time, and with the help of atomic clock will be possible to measure tiny fluctuations of the gravitational field of the Earth with incredible accuracy.This greatly advance this science as geodesy, will help scientists to determine the location on the planetary level of underground sources of drinking water and their trajectories.

Twin Paradox, mentioned above, offers the following riddle: we have two twins - brother and sister.My sister goes on a journey to the nearest star - the Alpha Centauri, which is located at a distance of 4 light-years from Earth.It moves at a speed close to the speed of light.From the perspective of her brother remaining in the world, she was out of 160 months (13 years and 4 months).

But given that the move time just slows down, the clock aboard the spacecraft sisters, counted 128 months (10 years and 8 months).Back on Earth, the sister meets brother.Who is older?The correct answer - the brother.


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