Circulation of matter in the Universe

cycle of matter in the Universe



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views of the author based on the hypothesis of "aging" of quanta of the electromagnetic field (CAMP) on the basis of the energy of interaction of gravity and the electromagnetic field.The balance of energy on the basis of the mentioned law is the reason for the feedback of the cyclic existence of matter.

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"Nothing lasts forever, everything is transitory, the death of one gives life to another, dissimilar, even opposite!" This eternal cycle is only possible, if we assume that the fundamental principle of giving shape, properties and quality of everything around a man she does not have these features.The peculiarity of the world substance is that it is taking a lot of various shapes and guises, itself devoid of any form.In my articles often cited statements of the ancients, but not to sow pessimism, on the contrary, the deeper will be our understanding, based on past experience of reality, the bolder we look to the future.Life and, in general, the existence of matter in our world has a limited period of time, but these terms are laid in loops, replacing each other in sequence.A man can not watch the changing cycles of rebirth and death of the universe, too short period of time it exists.But the human mind and knows the universe is trying to extracting information from the surrounding reality as through the senses, thinking, analysis and synthesis of natural phenomena artificial extensions of the senses (devices, computers, and so forth.).I remember the song from the movie "Sannikov Land" and it is the first verse, as well as possible characterizes our lives:

ghostly everything in this world is stormy,

There is only a moment - for it and hold on.

There is only a moment between past and future,

It is called "life."

Indeed, life is made up of moments of pleasant or sad, happy or sad.The creative life and work of the scientist necessarily based on the knowledge left to us a legacy of previous generations, myths and legends ...

From ancient times came to us Urobóros sign, symbolizing the cycle of nature.Ouroboros (al. - Gr. Οὐροβόρος, from οὐρά «tail" and βορός «eats"; the letters. "Devouring [his] tail") - coagulated in the ring snake biting its own tail.He is one of the oldest symbols known to mankind, the exact origin of which - a historical period and a particular culture - it is not.

Despite the fact that the character has many different meanings, the most common interpretation describes it as a representation of eternity and infinity, in particular - the cyclical nature of life: alternation of creation and destruction, life and death, a constant degeneration and dying.Ouroboros symbol has a long history of use in religion, magic, alchemy, mythology and psychology.One of his peers is the swastika - an ancient symbol of both mean the movement of the cosmos.

Fig.1.Image Ouroboros in the alchemical treatise in 1478 Author -Teodor Pelekanos.

based theory of the structure of the universe author used probability "aging" quanta of the electromagnetic field (CAMP) on the principle of energy cooperation - the balance of the electromagnetic and gravitational energy as they propagate in space and finding in a vacuum in a released (not manifested) state.This approach allows you to understand the nature of light, its nonlinear properties in the period of occurrence of the photon from the vacuum plasma and during absorption in a vacuum.The range of electromagnetic waves used by mankind nowadays is mostly in a linear part of the frequency band.

In a vacuum there are so-calledzero point fluctuations, deviation which is about 13 ∙ λ0, where λ0 = 10-34 (m) - the fundamental wavelength of the CAMP.The hypothesis of "aging" CAMP is supported by evidence of the postulate of the equality of inertial and gravitational mass CAMP.Gravity is a plane within the toroidal CAMP radial elastic force of gravity of space - vacuum: F0 = c4 / γ = 1044 (H).Inverse relationship, in the form of the law of feedback, electromagnetic and gravitational waves CAMP: λe / m ∙ λgr = λ02, is a consequence of (the cause of) proof of the equality of the masses: mgr = me / m.

Excitation vacuum occurs under the influence of the electromagnetic energy of activation at the focal point of a spherical radiator through cavitation and accumulation of high pressure and temperature converging electromagnetic waves.Weight CAMP Lorentz-invariant in a state of rest, that is in a state of zero-point oscillations of the vacuum is m0≈10-8 (kg), which is the weight of a conventional dust particles.

Distribution CAMP vacuum occurs in a straight line at the speed of light with , due almost instantaneous linear polarization plane elements of gravity, by shear elastic vacuum.Energy CAMP equally spent on the linear motion (kinetic energy) and the rotational movement of the electromagnetic shell.Movement CAMP - discrete, by electromagnetic induction, which defines the numerical value of the speed of a photon.

under high pressure and temperature of the photon plasma during the formation of stars from the generator CAMP on a "black hole" in this formation: the gravitational radius (wavelength gravity) is much larger than the wavelength CAMP λgr & gt; & gt;λe / m, photon "stops" in their movement and spends the kinetic energy of motion on the separation of neutral electromagnetic field shell on the electric and magnetic components.Thus, there is accumulation of light energy into energy substances according to the principle "the longer the life, the better!"

Unlike CAMP, lose their energy during the propagation in space, the element of matter (atom) stores energy and is not subject toEffects entropy .Next is already a well-known process of synthesis of chemical elements in the high-energy photon plasma on the principle of reducing the internal energy, release excess energy by combining the nucleons in the new kernel, and an increase in the binding energy up to the entropy-resistant element iron.Also, but with an increase of the internal energy and instability, with a decrease in the binding energy and the absorption of energy from the outside to the complexity of the process elements of uranium and radioactive in nature because of the increased instability.

known that proton decay corresponds to about the age of ~ 1032 (s).

Therefore, the binding energy of an element such as iron, can not keep the nucleons in the nucleus of an unstable atom.The collapse of the elements of matter revived photon plasma, but with much less energy, eventually absorbed by vacuum.Ring control the matter in the space of the universe based on the feedback of matter and vacuum (no matter) - cycling of matter, is shown in Figure 3.


light shine

field and matter

Fig.3. Ring to control the matter in the space of the universe according to the law of feedback.

Manager link in the control ring is not a material vacuum generating light and energy of the universe in supporting the accumulation of energy in the material, and also absorb light in its "belly".

Details about management, feedback, feedback law in an abstract way of thinking man - the natural numbers, see the work on the distribution of prime numbers in natural row of numbers on the Law of the feedback numbers.

April 2012.