Basil: meaning of the name and nature

All Rus know the name of Basil.The value of the name many people associate with the flower, which is called "cornflower".Its name became even diminutive for Vasily.There are also diminutive Vasenka Vasyatka or Vasyutka, dismissive Vaska (as we have often called the cats).But what is the true meaning of the name Basil?It has nothing to do with color.Bazelius - as in Greece sounded the word "king" and the Russian interpretation of the name means it is "the king", "ruler", "lord."Often the value of the name Basil is not justified.It is very sunny, friendly and open people, it is not claiming the throne, general acceptance or authoritarianism.However, people with the same name are often very fond of.Why is that?Because they radiantly can all find common ground and always enjoy life as it is.

Basil - excellent staff.However, if there is someone who can not stand vanity, and excessive activity, it is Basil.The value of the name suggests that it is able to build a carrier as its activities, that everything is done as if by itself, and life goes on.It helps him innate organizational skills, analytical thinking and a great intuition.All these features make it possible to anticipate the events and their consequences, to avoid wrong decisions and unnecessary temptations.Willpower, determination, perseverance and tenacity - is also Basil.

meaning of the name of the film perfectly revealed "Chapaev".Its protagonist, who, having no education, became a fine military leader, embodies all the most revealing features of the owners named.As Chapaev Vasily all not very attached to the family, but are able to experience the sincere and strong feelings.But the burden of their family life, so they prefer it work trip.For domestic facilities Basil indifferent, and may for a long time to go without them.Speaking of travel.Bearers of this name are very closely connected with nature.Best holiday for them - this is not the trip to bustling cities and quiet on the beach, relax in the woods or a walk on the steppe.There are other features inherent in a man like Basil.The value of the name implies perseverance in achieving this goal.Sometimes it even borders on obstinacy.

Basil - the name denoting the brilliant analytical skills, quick wit and ability to lead the discussion.You should not get involved in a dispute with Vasily, he quietly talk sense and will make anyone believe that white - it's black.These features adversely affect the health of the person with that name.Increased mental activity, sleep deprivation can lead to a nervous overstrain.Well, if men are involved in sports or yoga: it's good for their mental and physical well-being.Sexually Basil is very peculiar: it is sexual pleasures include in their plans, among other things.Perfectly controls sensory impulses, high requirements for women does not show, however, a dishonest ladies never bound.On the opposite sex plays the role of a knight, and is very happy when it was noticed and noted.