Why in demand apartment in Queen and Kotelniki?

real estate in Moscow each year the level of comfort is close to the capital, and in some cases - even surpasses it.The construction of modern residential complexes equipped with all necessary infrastructure.In addition, they are also located in ecologically clean regions.

demanded the sale of new buildings in the Queen, about a third of the territory of which - gardens, parks and green recreational areas.If you are concerned about your child's education, in the city, in addition to more than thirty-five kindergartens, there are nineteen schools and several universities.In addition, there are three stadiums and six swimming pools, children can become a professional football and mountaineering.Getting to Moscow can be a taxi or bus to the metro station "Exhibition Center", a high-speed train "Sputnik".

Just a few kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road and moose island rebuilt LCD "Golden Gate".The high-rises - from seventeen to twenty-five floors - one-, two- and three-room apartments have a better plan

, with balconies and loggias, garbage, devices for disinfection and washing, as well as high-speed elevators.The windows are triple-glazed windows.

Near the houses are located sports facilities, and secure parking.House territory is decorated with lawns and flower beds.Outdoor lighting at night is automatically activated.

Equally promising is now considered a residential complex "Belaya Dacha" Kotelniki.The nearest metro station is a ten minute ride by bus or taxi.The nearby Kuzminki Forest Park.The complex white house for sale apartments always in demand, as in the first floors of homes located objects consumer services, shops, beauty salons and fitness centers.Monolith-brick buildings are perfectly adapted to life in the apartment has high ceilings, spacious kitchen and bathrooms.Living area varies from eighty-five to one hundred and thirteen square meters.

developers offer to buy a one-, two- or three-bedroom apartments at prices significantly lower than the capital.At the same comfort level several times higher than some areas of Moscow.Since the construction of houses in the residential complex is still ongoing, it is conducted in parallel with it and Accomplishment of territory: developing are playgrounds, broken flower beds and lawns.