How to Choose Radiators

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When the implementation of a home renovation it comes to the heating system, it is often in front of the masters of the question is: how to choose the radiators?And he was given a reason, because the market is now represented by a huge variety of shapes, materials, manufacturing and product appearance, which can not fail to put a simple man in the street to a standstill.

How to choose radiators

If you do not have sufficient knowledge about the heating systems, for the correct choice, you need to pay attention to the conditions of operation that you currently exist, as well as thermal power units, design and requirementsto service.Let's look at the requirements that apply to your use of radiators.The main parameters to be considered are the following: the operating pressure used in the heating system, the cleanliness and temperature of the coolant.These parameters are very important in the case of using various types of radiators.And then you have to take into account the place where they will be used.For example, choosing radiators, heating for private houses - the main purpose of which, you can assume that will be used by high-quality heat transfer fluid, the pressure of which will be about 3 atmospheres and the temperature - no more than 95 degrees.When used in district heating conditions are quite different, so you should take this into account.To decide which to choose a radiator, you need to examine the currently existing types.

Cast iron radiators

This type is used very widely.Cast iron radiators have a large heat capacity, even after lowering the temperature of the coolant they are still quite a long time will be hot.They are not afraid of poor quality coolant, whose temperature can be up to 130 degrees, the maximum working pressure - up to 15 atmospheres.They also have disadvantages.Thus the radiator is not going to benefit water hammer, some models may require additional painting and pre-broach.Sometimes the biggest drawback becomes large heat capacity.The most popular brands are such as GuRaTec, Viadrus.

Aluminium radiators

They have excellent thermal conductivity, negligible thermal inertia, thus can be effectively used to stabilize the required thermal regime in the room.The appearance of such radiators is very attractive.They are produced in a conventional and enhanced variants.For district heating systems rather recent.Deciding how to select the radiators, it is necessary to know the shortcomings of aluminum and they are very sensitive to the purity of the coolant and its acidity level, at the junction with the steel pipe may be electromechanical corrosion.Because of the tendency to gas in the heating system, air pockets may occur.The most popular brands are as follows: Global, Rifar, Elegance.

Bimetallic radiators

These devices consist of a steel pipe and aluminum shell.In appearance they are comparable to those described above, and their design features eliminate them from drawbacks such as high requirements for coolant and hydraulic shocks.These radiators it is appropriate to use in high rise buildings.But they have certain disadvantages: a lower level of thermal capacity, due to a small internal cross section, the high cost due to a complicated construction.The most popular brands are Rifar and Sira.

Steel panel radiators

They can be installed in any heating system.They are afraid of poor quality coolant, have a low thermal inertia, thus unable to effectively regulate and maintain the temperature in the room.Disadvantages: in the heating system should not be an overabundance of oxygen, radiators do not allow you to add the section.The most popular brand - Purmo, Kermi.

Now you know how to choose the radiators.