The comfortable and beautiful shoes Wedge

Shoes Wedge, sometimes simply referred to as "wedgies" - a shoe with a sole made in the form of a wedge.This also serves as the sole and heel function.Under the thin-toed wedge, and the heel, it rapidly thickens and is already different heel heights.For casual and sports shoes - about two centimeters, elegant model can be three to seven centimeters, and for youth and evening shoes up to ten centimeters or more.Some shoes Wedge performed with thick soles - platform.

Wedge began to be applied in the production of shoes in the 30-ies of the last century, but its popularity has reached in 70 years, held out at the height of fashion almost to the end of the 80s.Wedge shoes first became popular among teenagers and young people as a catchy and outrageous shoes.Disco era enshrined forever tankettes reputation for comfortable shoes.With high heels, these shoes were very comfortable to wear.The most popular model at that time was Kork-Ease, which was a comfortable sandal with crossed straps made of durable and

soft buffalo leather tan (though this skin darkened with time).Wedge itself was made of rubber, cork, wood or synthetic materials and skin-tight beige suede.At the same wedges and shoes made with a closed nose.

In the 80s wedge has become so popular that its use has been very extensive and versatile: urban, holiday, office and sports shoes, and won the love and recognition of women of different tastes and all ages.Fashionable peep 80s steel shoes wedges in ethnic style, they were called espadrilles.Name of espadrilles (espadrille) came from the south of France, where he began to make these shoes of cotton or canvas with outer soles of rope or rubber material that simulates the rope.The main feature was just a rope wedge as a textile upper espadrilles could be changed arbitrarily.

Shoes Wedge got its spread like a compromise between a comfortable and stable outsole and high heel sexy.It is difficult to imagine such a combination of comfort and elegance in one thing.After all, in the understanding of the majority of women shoes elegance it lies in high heels.Here shoes Wedge became one of the most versatile types of stylish footwear.The advantage of this shoe is undoubtedly that wedgies visually lengthen your legs, especially if you pick them in tone tights or trousers.

In that case, when you want to stand out, not to merge with the crowd, and then you will wedge.Only need to pick her up high with an unusual bright coloring.The material here can be very different.This can be nubuck shoes, leather, suede, canvas and other materials.In the coming season, this kind of shoes more popular than ever, designers are advised to wear them with shorts and satin skirts, skinny jeans, leggings or knit dress.It is also fashionable and stylish is a combination of strict dress with these shoes.Something of these things there in the closet of every woman, and it means that the shoes Wedge surely fit in almost any wardrobe.

Thus, this comfortable and beautiful shoes is a universal fashion trend this season.It allows you to effortlessly follow fashion trends without causing damage to the comfort, convenience and health.The shoe wedges of any height, even very high, the foot does not get tired so fast as in high heel shoes, which certainly is another argument in favor of choosing a shoe.Thick and coarse, fine and elegant, made of different materials, wedge heel is a must in your wardrobe.