How to properly charge the battery

With the need to charge the battery car owners are fairly common.This process has its own characteristics, and it should be carried out according to certain rules, compliance with which depends on the durability of a car battery and its normal functioning.

car battery charging is performed by the constant current source.Allowed to use any of the rectifiers, which can make the adjustment of voltage or current.

One way to charge the battery car - battery charging constant current.When using this method of charging current should not exceed 0.12 times the rated capacity of the battery.This is mandatory to use a control device that allows current to maintain consistency at all times during charging.An indication of the completion of the process will be a constant density of the electrolyte, which is maintained for 3 hours, and the stability of the current and the charging voltage for 1-2 hours.

Another way to charge the battery - it is charged with a constant voltage.Mandatory condition of using this method is constant voltage support at the level of 2.2 to 2.25 V for each bank (for the whole battery it will range 13.2 - 14.1).Note that in order to fully charge the battery in this manner may take several days.

As the charging voltage at its terminals gradually approaches the voltage which is created charger.The value of the charging current is reduced, and vice versa is close to zero, which allows you to charge the battery automatically.An indication of charging is complete consistency is the density of the electrolyte.

disadvantage of this method is the need to control the charging current and copious gas at the end of charging.In order to prevent this phenomenon, a gradual decrease in current and an increase in charging voltage.

Selecting charger

Chargers for car battery divided into 2 classes:

  1. The first class includes transformer models with bulky transformer, which is included in a scheme with rectifier.These chargers have a lot of power, are reliable enough, their components are manufactured using modern technology.
  2. The second class includes pulse chargers.In such a model is built high frequency transformer which is not large and heavy.Number of models in this class to date, is growing rapidly.Their popularity is due mainly to an affordable price, which is possible because of the use of cheap materials.However, the reliability of such charging devices is lower than that of transformer models.