How to wear lenses

Currently, people who have vision problems may have to give up wearing glasses.Many of them are shy, because this attribute is only recently was considered fashionable and stylish.And earlier a teenager who was forced to wear glasses, can be fixed ridiculed by their peers.Fortunately, in the middle of the 20th century ubiquitous contact lenses.They are comfortable, not harm health, allow normal to see no drastic changes in appearance.That's just how to put on the lenses?This issue is of concern to many.

you need a certain skill.If you are faced with contact lenses for the first time, it is quite natural that you will feel a sense of fear - not whether scratched eye.How to wear lenses if at the first attempt, he reflexively closes?It turns out you need a little practice.Gradually develop skills.You can easily perform this procedure on a daily basis.The question is how to put on the lens, you will no longer worry.

If you are a "newbie" in this case, use some tips.

  1. Do not wear lenses in the eyes, which "do not get enough sleep."So you can provoke irritation.After all, lack of sleep is the reason that the voltage increases in the eyes, the feeling cramps.
  2. Note: If you want to know the correct answer to the question of how to wear lenses, you should not confuse them.This applies even in situations where they have the same diopter.You should make it a rule: remove the lens, since, for example, with the right eye, and then places them in the appropriate containers.
  3. If you do not know how to wear contact lenses, it is best to do this with the index finger.They in turn are placed on the tip of his paw.You should make sure that the lens is not turned inside out.If it is "correct", it will have a bowl shape, with its edge facing upwards.Now some manufacturers label their products, you can easily figure out which side is inside and what is outside.
  4. Before you put the lens on the eye, you should carefully examine it for the presence of hair, lint, dust.They irritate the eyeball.
  5. Clean and dry hands - a pledge that you wear the lenses correctly, and do not provoke any adverse effects.

Now we can talk about art.How to wear contact lenses?You can do it with two hands, or only one.In the latter case you have to pull the lower eyelid right middle finger.After that set to look up.The lens is applied to the white part of the eyeball, slightly below the pupil.Now you can remove the index finger, which you hold the lens itself, and looked down.As soon as she set eyes on the center (you will feel it), you need to let go of the lower lid, slowly blink several times.After you make sure that there is no discomfort, you can switch to the left eye, observing all the above recommendations.

In most cases the lens is easy to take the position, that is at the center of the cornea.But there are situations when they are displaced.You will realize that this has happened, if you feel uncomfortable, the picture can become blurred.You will easily cope with this problem.Just close your eyes, and then gently massage in a circular motion eyelid.

Remove the lens, fortunately, it is easier than to put them.You need to pull the lower eyelid (right) with his middle finger, and then index to attach to the lower edge of the lens.Move it a little to the side.Now, the lens can be clamped between the thumb and forefinger and pull out of the eye.

Nothing complicated, as you can see, no.You just need to practice.You will soon understand how to put on the lens.