SS Division "Galicia": history

history of the Second World War has many pages, which many historians in the West prefer not to read.It is worth mentioning alone national divisions of the Reich.The topic is very delicate, and in light of recent events in south-eastern Ukraine, it becomes even painful.

need only mention the history of the SS division "Galicia"!These "brave fighters" now glorified in the Ukrainian state, only their "feats" sometimes amazed veterans of the Gestapo.And that is saying a lot.

How it all began

From the first days of the war leadership of Ukrainian nationalists buried the German government "requirements of" the urgent creation of nationalist combat units, which could "have contributed to the defeat of Bolshevism."Here are just a first all their efforts in vain.While their German owners did not pay this fuss is absolutely no attention.Their military successes were such that it was funny only the thought that they can take care of these political mosek.

In 1943, the circumstances have changed somewhat.Was Stalingrad, under which the ridge Paulus was overcome, there were other battles, convincingly debunked the myth of the invincibility of the German army.In February of that year, the Germans began to think about how to use polovchee "Ukrainian life" nationalists plugging holes on the front.

Creating a "glorious division»

This initiative strongly supported by the governor of the district, "Galicia" A. Waechter.Most likely, the final resolution of the received directly from his former chief of Himmler.Keep some historical documents that point to the fact that the creation of the SS division "Galicia" was first discussed of March 1, 1943.

For March 28, 1943 Waechter tells his boss that the leaders of the nationalists gladly seized the opportunity "to serve Germany."In mid-April of that year, Wachter convened a meeting of the party, which were higher ranks of the SS.Pull

they did not, but because almost immediately decided to set up the SS Division "Galicia".Participants of the meeting agreed ahead of time that will avoid using the word "police" in the name of the newly created division.Simply put, they had agreed on the formation of a police officer is a punitive body.Not surprisingly, the choice nationalists were equipped similarly to their "colleagues" from other punitive SS units, being dressed in gray uniforms.From others they differed only in special flap on the sleeve.

official ordered the formation of the SS division "Galicia" was published on April 28.Soon, the division began to arrive the first recruits.

On peculiarities of recruitment

It should be emphasized that the recruitment of a new human material is a "generous."This formulation means that racial prejudice did not prevent the Germans to recruit an army of "the Slavic riffraff."Strongly closed entrance into these things "elite unit" only absolutely non-European types, whose appearance clearly talking about is not an Aryan origin.

Work propagandists

On the day of issuance of the order on the formation of the division issued a secret directive Waechter.It clearly says that the authorities responsible for calling the nationalists, in any case should not even hint at the fact that they help the Germans.The Commission had to focus exclusively on the "fight against Bolshevism."Even they abbreviation SS stands for "Sich Riflemen», which took place in cheers undereducated, uncultured environment.

At the same hints and anthem SS Division "Galicia", which contains many words about the "greatness of the nation," but does not say anything about the service of the Reich.

number of human resource

the beginning of June the number of recorded 81,999 people.Officially, 52,875 were taken from them in the formulation of the service given up 29 124. But we should not assume that the call was immediately terminated, as required completion time.Draft commission headed by K. Schulze, who carried out a set of recruits until August 1944, and "redecorating" battered compound in the fighting carried almost to the end of 1945.

Since mobilization came at an unprecedented pace, the Germans have formed several parts.This explains the fact that the SS division "Galicia", whose members have a photo in the article was extremely heterogeneous compound.In addition to the 11,578 people who have gone through special formal training courses, the Germans once manned five additional regiments and one battalion of the "surplus".These regiments and battalions immediately passed the classic police drill, which is subjected to all other punitive connection.

recruiting methods used

soon turned out that dialed "material" is clearly not enough because of the constant losses in the fighting, and therefore began to operate not only the official draft board for volunteers, but also special forces who were engaged in the violent mobilization of the youth.It became apparent as early as mid-June 1944, when Ukrainians began to fully feel the full extent of his "devotion to the Reich."Youngsters caught immediately sent to serve in the SS Panzer Division "Hoenshtaufen" and "Frundsberg" that the summer just were not far from the city.

also a source of cheap Ukrainian "material" used and other German divisions there are in those parts passing through.They are regularly taken into the service of a few dozen caught "patriots of Ukraine."In the villages near Lviv's German administration did not reckon with its nationalist hangers, completely rewriting without the consent of all men.It was a great storehouse of human resources, which in Germany at that time beginning desperately missed.People began to take not only the streets, but also directly from the public institutions.

Even in the churches "patriots of Ukraine" could not feel safe, as the "duty of the Fuehrer" they went to give directly to the services.At that time, even the most selective nationalists could not help but notice the plight of their hosts at the front, so the battle is somehow not in a hurry.It is believed that the SS division "Galicia" (photo banners of it is in this material) was passed through no less than 32 thousand warriors.

Command and the place where the first

responsibility for the operation of the new police force was assigned to the SS-Brigadeführer Schiemann.But in this post he remained only until mid-November 1943.Soon the commander of the SS Galicia became Oberführer Fritz Freitag, who at the end of April, it was officially awarded the title Brigadeführer (analogue of our major-general in the Waffen SS).This arrangement

him command was caused by the fact that this man had an extensive experience of command police units and was well aware of the specifics of working with them.Martial German officers treated him with the utmost contempt: Freytag not been in any battle, had no clue about the tactics and the Army way of life.

general Ukrainian SS division "Galicia" has become a kind of "scarecrow" among Nazis, as of the Germans exiled to extremely unfit, incompetent, or just cowardly officers.Of course, the fighting qualities of the compound are appropriate.

First, the bulk of the personnel located in the "Gaydelagere", and since the beginning of 1944, lodged in the city Noygamere (Silesia, Germany).However, July 18, 1943, when the first batch of recruits came from the city, the first they were placed in the camp "Gaydelager" (near Debica), and then made official their formation in the police regiment.

first combat use

At the beginning of 1944 from Berlin comes an urgent directive on the need for early formation of the "battle groups" to fight the guerrillas of Poland and the USSR.He was quickly formed a battalion, he was given a battery of light guns, then this company are scattered on the outskirts of Poland.So 14 Grenadier Division of the SS "Galicia" began its truly disgraceful way.

Just a day was completed the formation of a similar group that targeted counterinsurgency war in the vicinity of the city.Subsequently, the Nazi leadership pointed out that both of these units "operated quite successfully."But the Germans are showing a striking unanimity, rather than attempting to paint the more these "successes".

However, it is clear that "fighting bravely" division exclusively by superior forces, preferring to attack first on unarmed civilians.If you only do not have a choice, "brave warriors" joined the fire contact with the guerrillas, to combat which SS Division "Galicia" in fact, and has been formed.

first "exploits" Galicians

Soviet troops was lucky enough to capture this glorious archive connections, which still serves as irrefutable proof of hostilities "achievements" of Ukrainian Nationalists.There is a record that the first fight with the guerrillas entered the fourth regiment ... There were about 12 people were wounded.As a result of the operation from the face of the earth were wiped village Guta Penyatskaya and Benyaki.Houses brave nationalists burned.Together with their inhabitants, of course.In total, they killed at least 800 civilians peasants, among whom were many women and children.However, the flag of the SS division "Galicia" never really considered a military banner as under the shadow of fighting his only "rejected" the German officers and selected nationalists who their masters and the people do not consider.

In Ternopil Ukrainian henchmen Wehrmacht went even further.As a result of the counter-attack the Germans were able to recapture part of the city, just animals herded the survivors in one of the churches, and then all burned.In their native Lviv, they killed about a thousand people in Zolochev engaged in mass executions of captured soldiers of the Red Army.Small town Olesko they actually destroyed completely, but killed "only" 300 people.

This "generosity" because the other inhabitants driven to forced labor in Germany.If not for the need of the Germans in slaves, the blood spilled would be even greater.Nationalists have loved to kill those who could not give them resistance.Actually, the SS division "Galicia" was noted by all of its feature in history.

Brody disaster

But it was the turn, and these "brave warriors" to meet in a real fight with the military personnel, but not unarmed civilians.SS Division "Galicia" at Brody had "full ammunition", being equipped with a soldier of the 29th, 30th and 31st regiments.In addition, it has been attributed to a lot of fighters from some other compounds.

At that time in her "glorious ranks" were 346 officers, non-commissioned officer in 1131 and 13822 soldiers.Thus, its total population was 15,299 warriors.From "Brody pot" relatively unscathed escaped only 1,000 and 1,200 reserve soldiers of the battalion, who were lucky to be out of the encirclement.

Several hundred nationalists managed to leak out of the environment in small groups, which avoided an open confrontation with the Soviet troops.A total of 15 thousand survived no more than 1/5 of the personnel.This fact once again confirmed that the simple fact that police forces in open battle is not worth anything.All their "valor" is only in the atrocities against the civilian population and prisoners, unarmed soldiers.

But close was the complete destruction of the SS division "Galicia".After the battle of Brody it was only a matter of time.

further fighting way

In February 1944, the fourth regiment was transferred under the Ternopil, where members participated in the suppression of the partisan movement.Later they took part in sporadic cases of resistance advancing Soviet troops.

The rest of the division was transferred to France, where the further military training.In the spring of almost all nationalists were sent to Noygamer.From time to time they continued to be used in the fight against the French Resistance.

Thus, the history of the SS Division "Galicia" in the military sense, really was absolutely disgraceful: in real battles Ukrainians participated only from March to July.After she was completely broken by Brody, her pitiful remnants completely reshape the police unit, and then use only in this field.

Slovakia and Yugoslavia

At the beginning of October 1944 rested nationalists, whose ranks while poured a lot of "volunteers" recruited directly from the street, sent to Slovakia.There's "brave Aryans" were engaged in a familiar and very pleasant thing for yourself by suppressing the guerrilla movement.In submission of Ukrainians was known for its brutality "Dirlivangera team."Its members are still well remembered in Belarus, as on their conscience countless lives brutally tortured people.

Where then was sent to SS Division "Galicia"?Brody perfectly showed that nationalists useless used against regular units of the Soviet forces, but because they were sent to Carinthia, where they chased partisans of Yugoslavia.Here Galicians and spent all of the last months of the war.

In 1945 it throws soldiers still on German territory, trying to force at least once "courageously to reflect the impact of the Soviet troops."Vain hope.As soon as the distance glimmer banners British troops, "the brave patriots of Ukraine" with incredible speed rushed into captivity.It was the last march of SS Division "Galicia" in that war.

In the town of Tamsweg, in which the prisoners were held, the British established a filtration point where at first relatively successfully caught SS soldiers.Commander Fritz Freitag this news fell into a black melancholy and committed suicide.His place was taken by a Polish Colonel Pavel Shandruk.However, time has shown clearly wrong Freitag.English post through the liquid leaked thousands of Galicians that perfectly settled in England.

«Midsomer betrayal»

What happened to the "brave fighters" of this division, which so courageously rushed to surrender to the English prisoner?Alas, but their fate was the best way.There are a lot of historical evidence that in 1945 the UK was about eight thousand soldiers who served just the same in the "Galicia".

As of 1999 lived in England for at least a thousand as a direct participant in those events, and their descendants.The UK government is extremely reluctant delves into these questions.Of the eight thousand British war criminals condemned ... one person.This "lucky" was Anton Sevenyuk.

What was the reason for such a loyal attitude?The fact that the surrender "brave patriots" as one name ... Poles, who only a few years ago was brutally murdered.Check them properly and did not, and there was the British interest in this blood.After all, is not their villages and towns burned these animals.

In the mid 90's single desk, which is as it was engaged in "the capture of Nazi war criminals," and ceased to exist at all.Hitler's henchmen who successfully surrendered to the British, finally ceased to be afraid of at least some threat of exposure and punishment.Almost all the documents on the case is still classified.

general, residents of Albion well aware SS Division "Galicia".A film about her, which was filmed in England, like nationalists and condemned the atrocities, but at the same time emphasizes the fact that many of the soldiers, or were recruited by force, or succumb to "impulse romantic revival of Ukraine."That's just none of these facts does not justify their heinous crimes.

modern realities

Such epic history and today has its echoes.Thus, the flag SS Division "Galicia" and can now be seen on some of the events held informal associations who have forgotten how much grief brought these nonhumans.