The procedure for dissolution of marriage in court

Unfortunately, not all couples are living peacefully and harmoniously.In recent years become more frequent cases of young people who have just got married, they do not pass the test of living together and decided on a very important step - the dissolution of marriage.Divorce - a process, after which the conjugal relationship ceased.The reasons that lead people to this act, a lot.It may be adultery and drinking alcohol, and indifference to the children of one of the parents, etc.

procedure for dissolution of marriage

Before you begin the process of a divorce, the judge finds out whether there is an opportunity to preserve the family and cohabitation of the spouses.If a husband or wife will declare his desire to come to terms with his other half, the court can give extra time and postpone the divorce proceedings for a specified period of time (about three months).After this time, the order of dissolution of the marriage involves a new hearing at which the results are known truce (or vice versa).If the measures taken have not had the desired impact, and spouse (or one of them) still want a divorce, the court formally terminate their marriage.

grounds for divorce (judicial procedure):

  • If you have joint children who have not yet reached the age of majority;
  • If one of the spouses has a desire to stop the development of family relations;
  • If one of the spouses does not wish to attend the divorce proceedings in the registry offices.

If the desire is the same spouses a divorce (no children), the order provides for the dissolution of the marriage of their divorce without clarifying the reasons that prompted them to this step.

What documents are required for divorce

Upon termination of the marital relationship by means of a court order the spouse must submit written approval with whom they will live (under 18 years) children.Also, for the implementation of the divorce proceedings, the following documents:

  • claim-application in two copies and copies;
  • marriage certificate and a copy thereof;
  • in the presence of children - their birth certificates and copies thereof;
  • certificate (receipt), which confirms the fact that the payment of state duties performed;
  • at a time when one of the spouses can not be present at the hearing, the applicant must provide him a power of attorney in his name;
  • documents confirming the performance of pre-trial settlement;
  • claim division of property;
  • other documents that require a court.

Note: to forget that every court has the right to provide you with a list of documents necessary for the procedure of divorce.

After collecting all necessary certificates held a hearing (no earlier than a month), which shall take all necessary decisions on the termination or preservation of marriage.

What issues permits divorce order

  • with whom minor children will live;
  • order in which the alimony payments will be made and the amount of support.