How to calculate the turnover rate

Many companies today one of the most pressing problems find their high personnel turnover.Therefore, the ability to manage this phenomenon in the enterprise is considered to be very important.To do this, learn to identify the causes of staff turnover.It is also necessary statistics and the timely adoption of appropriate measures.

When the company is a high turnover rate, there is a need in constant search of a replacement exhaust employees conduct adaptation and training recruits.Such important aspects as the continuity and safety of commercial information companies are also beginning to acquire problematic and require solutions.

As a result of the formation of the company's image, which will characterize it as an attractive employer side, considerably more complicated.No less difficult will be to create a favorable psychological climate in the team of the company.

Thus, it is the turnover rate is one of the basic indicators that give an idea of ​​how effective the enterprise human resources management system.

However, if we look at the personnel turnover slightly different angle and to its absence in the enterprise, you can see that this fact will cause a decrease in the competitiveness of the company due to the lack of any organizational changes.In short, the company will remain in stagnation.

Turnover becomes minimal under favorable working conditions prevailing in the enterprise.It:

  • high wages;
  • small load;
  • no overly high requirements;
  • material costs of staff training.

As a result, people are starting to do the work on a template, guided by professional well-established habits.The possibility of introducing any innovations are limited.

In this case, a low turnover rate becomes an indicator of adaptation of existing staff to a comfortable existence in the enterprise so that he begins to play the role of "weed", which should be in time to get rid of.

Therefore, the formation of personnel potential of the most correct approach is to choose a middle ground, and the percentage of staff turnover has to be justified.It should take into account many factors and analyze statistics.It is also necessary to take into account similar information about other companies engaged in similar activities.

For example, many domestic manufacturing companies consider implementation of personnel policy at their enterprises successful, focusing on the turnover rate, the rate of which is from seven to ten per cent.The trade organizations, insurance companies, as well as catering to the acceptable level of staff turnover can be up to thirty percent.

But how to correctly identify such an important indicator as the turnover rate?Formula it is: the coefficient is determined by dividing the number of employees who have left (for a certain period of time) by the average composition of the same period.As this indicator is expressed as a percentage, the result multiplied by one hundred.

Thus, the turnover rate, which clearly reflects the comfort of service and the principle of control in it, is not only an indicator of corporate culture, but also the result of working with people.All these factors, albeit indirectly, affect the profits of the enterprise.Therefore it is very important not only to take into account these indicators, but also to keep them under control.