How to cook pasties at home: a detailed recipe

How to cook pasties home veal mince and egg dough?This question is often interested in those who prefer to eat fried food own production, but not for her visit restaurants or fast food outlets.It should be noted that this dish is very quick and easy.

How to cook pasties at home: a step by step recipe

Necessary ingredients for the filling and foundations:

  • fresh beef without bones and fat - 450 g;
  • large bulb onions - 2 pcs .;
  • Ground paprika - 2 pinches;
  • medium-sized eggs - 3 pcs .;
  • fine salt - 2/3 dessert spoon;
  • wheat flour - at the discretion (to add to the density of the base);
  • drinking water - 1 cup;
  • sunflower oil - 1 cup (for a roasting dish).

process of preparing egg-based

Before you cook pasties at home, should be well-knead a stiff dough.To do this, beat eggs with salt and potable water, and then pour them wheat flour.As a result of these actions, you should get a cool framework, good tack-free by hand.That it reached the right consistency, it is recommended that for the time put in a plastic bag or wrap in plastic wrap.

cooking process minced

To understand how to make pasties at home quick and tasty, it is necessary to reflect on it from a meat dish will be more flavorful and satisfying.We decided to use it only for fresh beef and lean flesh.It needs to be rinsed in water, cut into pieces, then grind in a meat grinder with onions.After that, you want to stir thoroughly minced, seasoned it with salt and ground paprika.

Formation dishes

So prepare pasties home.To do this, pinch off a small piece from a previously kneaded dough, roll it into a thin circle with a diameter of 13 centimeters, and then put on one half of a bit of fragrant stuffing.It must be finely distributed so that it did not reach the edges of 1-1.5 cm.Next, the meat product is required to cover the second half of the basics and beautifully zaschipnut using the fork.Similarly, all of the remaining semi-finished products are processed.

Heat treatment

As you know, pasties prepared with plenty of oil.Therefore, for them to take a deep roasting best skillet, pour in a vegetable oil and heat on maximum heat.Then in boiling oil should be carefully lay semi-finished 2-3.As a result of roasting you should turn rosy and fatty pasties.Prepare they should not exceed 5 minutes on each side, otherwise meal will absorb too much sunflower oil.

How to bring to the table

Now you know how to make pasties at home, using minced meat from a young calf and egg batter.Serve a fried dish to the table should be just hot.In addition, it is recommended to present the sweet and strong tea and spicy tomato sauce or ketchup with chunks of vegetables.