Fashionable shoes 2011

2011 - the year of bright and bold, winding and light, romantic and feminine images.Colorful costumes, original accessories, and of course, luxury trendy shoes - this looks like a modern confident woman or a woman.Among the abundance of a variety of models and colors may be a little confused.Therefore, let us together We will understand: what kind of shoes you choose?

Shoes 2011 - is, first of all, the extravaganza of color, bold designs and rich colors.Suit intense blue, sunny yellow, raspberry pink, piercing red, rich turquoise and white tones.Fascinating look shoes with open beak in a large pea, cage or stripes, "animal", floral and ethnic colors.Also particularly important is the material of the footwear is made.This year's leading designers recommend to wear shoes made of reptile leather, suede or denim.Especially looks gorgeous shoes decorated with fur and feathers, satin and transparent lace bows and flowers, leather straps, lacing, small stones, pearls, buttons and metal rivets.Also welcome if

shoes 2011 will be made of materials of different texture and color.Leather inserts, floral prints, bold combination of colors - and your feet - the most attractive and alluring.

Open shoes as rainbow, emotional tones will please you during the spring-summer season.But for the autumn weather couturier has invented a surprisingly elegant shoes.The most fashionable shoes for fall 2011 will be mostly closed.This model, reaching to the ankles of blue, purple, brown, gray, beige and burgundy shades.They are decorated with massive buckles and brooches are rounded, sharp or square toe and remind shoes adored fashionable women 40-50 years of the last century.

Shoes 2011 does not only look great, but also protect the delicate feet of his mistress from the autumn puddles and slush.And yet, they are perfectly combined with stockings and tights, decorated with original prints and intricate patterns.In the best catwalks of the world have already strode model in woolen socks knitted large and bright elegant shoes.

And now, the most important question: what is the actual heel in 2011?

We hasten to please admirers of fashion - Sami different.First, it is, of course, high heels metal, gold or contrasting colors.It has the shape of wine glasses slightly canted to the inside edge.Looks nice and "carved" heels futuristic motifs.For example, a transparent plastic.

next type of heel, located at the height of fashion - it is a stable square heel of 6-9 cm. In these shoes will always be convenient and comfortable.And the original design in the form of shiny stones or klёpok favorably accentuate the elegance and beauty of your legs.

not give up their positions and platforms.It is suitable for almost any type of heel and perfectly visually lengthens the silhouette, making it even slimmer.Platform shoes go well with skirts and trousers completely different styles.

and completes our catwalk shoes wedges.Their advantages are able to evaluate a lot of young ladies and ladies.This is convenient and practical, and most importantly - very beautiful and sexy.Wedge with a variety of geometric patterns and pretty floral prints can look like a work of art.Very nice look wedges patent leather shoes with a strap located at the ankle or just below.And in combination with textured socks or stockings, they become all the rage.

So forward to the shops.After all, your shoes are waiting for you, original and joyful, light and magnificent, amazing and beautiful owner of good taste.