Some poultry farms Moscow region: that produce, development prospects

Poultry -burno developing branch of agriculture, and every day the poultry farm of the Moscow region are added.Production costs low and profits big: not only is the sale of meat and eggs, but also pen litter.Poultry farms Moscow region specialize in breeding of meat and egg breeds of Russian and foreign breeding.As you know, this industry is agriculture always brings a profit, even in bad years.

and to the success of any poultry farms Moscow region can not do without the introduction of modern production technologies.Purchase new types of equipment, which include ventilation, electrical and plumbing equipment.We study the experience of foreign colleagues.In addition, many poultry farms Moscow region are in need of renovation, and in many companies it has already carried out, and sometimes even entered the stage of completion.

Tomilinskaya Poultry Plant (Moscow region)

This company running since 1929.Initially, there were only about 15 million laying hens, and eggs were obtained only in the summer season.Tomilintsy among the first to contain a bird in a cage, which allowed to establish poultry farm egg production, not only in the warm season, but all year round.This poultry farm was among the experimental plants, introduced her latest technological solutions for the production of chicken meat and eggs.Poultry Farm has survived the economic crisis, and now it is a closed joint stock company became increase production, because it is located near Moscow.It deals not only with the implementation of meat and egg products, but also sells chickens.

JSC "Mosselprom" - Poultry Moscow region.

The company has upgraded its production department for processing of chicken meat.The company has launched a line of quick-frozen meat from a natural product, semi-finished and legs chopped.The company produces a total of about 7 thousand. Tonnes per year.After the completion of the modernization of production significantly increased.Therefore, poultry (Moscow Region) job can offer the following: require poultry, sales managers, accountants and storekeepers.

ostrich on suburban poultry

Europeans are engaged in breeding ostriches for a long time, and according to their statements, it is a lucrative business.The adult weighs about quintal, of which 50 kilograms - a dietary and tasty meat.In addition, a female ostrich almost every day lays an egg, which weighs 1.5 kilograms.And ostrich feathers and skins in demand in the production of jewelery, handbags.

first ostrich farm in the country appeared in the late XX century on the territory near Moscow State Farm "Saltykov" birds were imported from Finland.

Farm there 15 years, her family live adult and young birds.The ostrich family consists of one male and three female woodcocks.Ostriches live in hot countries, but are well adapted to our climate: may be in a cold room and a walk on the street, even in the bitter cold.Their plumage heats, but the birds do not tolerate, and if the ice fall, it may break a limb or neck.

In any case, the breeding birds on an industrial scale and beneficial to producers and consumers.